Yugi and the Magic Duel Arena

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  • Yugi Moto as Thomas
  • Tristan Taylor as Henry
  • Seto Kaiba as Gordon
  • Chazz Princeton as James
  • Joey Wheeler as Percy
  • Soloman Moto as Toby   
  • Yami Marik as Diesel 10
  • Para as Splatter
  • Dox as Dodge
  • Ishisu Ishtar as Lady
  • Blue Eyes White Dragon as Harold
  • Mokuba Kaiba as Bertie
  • Pikachu as Mr. Conductor
  • Pachirisu as Junior
  • Charizard as Burnett Stone
  • Squirtle as Patch
  • Growlithe as Mutt
  • Togepi as Lily
  • Torkoal as Billy
  • Buneary as Stacy

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