Yugure Haylen is a male human from the City-Plane of Ravnica


Yugure stands at a height of about 5' 10" (177.8cm) tall, weighing in at around 160lbs (~72.75kg). He has blue-grey eyes and raven black hair, tied back in a pigtail so loose strands don't get in his face. Typical attire is a simple white shirt and black trousers.

His temperment is a bit erratic, but fairly predictable if you can divine the patters on which he works. Normally, Yugure is an easy-going sort of individual, preferring to make light of most situations unless the situation demands otherwise. Strangely, there is little that can actually creep out Yugure, despite many things in the multiverse being new and odd to the healer.



Yugure's life was pretty much determined for him from birth. He was to become a healer, find himself a wife, have kids, and expect to keep the tradition alive to the next generation. Naturally, this has givin him a slight resentment to having his life dictated to him.

Despite it all, he did do mainly as he was told, beginning basic first aid training at the young age of 7 or 8, followed by mundane healing and when his powers developed, magical healing. His only solace from the sterile confines of his home was a Godless Shrine, once the Temple of Ohm, located in Ravnica's Undercity in Radkos Territory. Even as a rookie in the summoning arts, Yugure could tell the place had the taint of black mana but still found relief there.

The day before leaving for the Academy, Yugure received his Healer's Certification despite his mistake of accidently summoning a Putrid Warrior instead of a Silent-Chant Zubera like he was supposed to, despite never taking a single lesson in the black arts before that day.


Yugure initially took to studying the black arts, partially in defiance of his family's expectations, and partly to ensure that he could have control over them. Over time his summoning abilities stabilized as a fairly even balance of black and white magic with the green arts serving as a balance in between. His twin specialties are life-altering spells and spirits.

Over time as other students and graduates left the Academy to follow other pursuits, Yugure stayed behind to man the Academy's Hospital Wing. Lacking physical assistants, many of the Wing's assistants are in fact summoned Spirits and will usually follow the insturctions of anyone acting as a healer. While he doesn't rule the area with an iron fist, he strongly objects to people trying to escape before they heal themselves. He is far more receptive to people that inform him that they are leaving.

Currenlty Yugure is literally haunting the Hospital Wing in Spirit with the recent influx of patients distracting him from his own comparatively minor problem. Also mulling on his mind is a subtle revenge against fellow student Josh Peterson for the extremely blatant theft of his False Immortality combination.


In terms of general healing skills, few people on Arcanis can outperform Yugure. In direct contrast, most can outfight him in physical combat. He is thoroughly average at magical combat since he does try to avoid it whenever possible.

Yugure duels using relatively simple combinations and one-two punches, notably the use of False Cure and a powerful healing spell, like the Beacon of Immortality or even a high-powered Congregate. Notable now is his use of a small critter and the high-level Reverse the Sands to lay people low by switching a human-level lifeforce with the comparatively less lifeforce of the critter (usually a hamster).

Yugure also displays a high-enough affinity with spirits to slide to the ethereal (or spirit) side of whatever plane he's on. For obvious reasons, this ability is largely useless on a plane without an ethereal side to it.

Out of Character

Yugure's creator is known for periodic random thoughts including some of the Omake Files in the Creativity section and a strange sense of humour. He also expresses bewilderment on the lack of spells designed to facilitate pleasure in the Magic Universe, especially in contrast to the number that cause pain. As well, he has been known to sporadically to play a rather bizarre game of badminton-type origins with Eritta's real-life persona over text messaging (MSN, IRC, or even Random and Journal threads have all been hit), exclaiming quasi-random words with every return of the birdie

Trivia Tidbits

  • Yugure's gender is a direct contrast to the seeming stereotype of the female White Mage archetype
  • Yugure is incapable of drawing red or blue mana from their sources

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