Yukio Patrick Nonaka is the sixteen-year-old son of Amanda and Riku Nonaka. His birhday is February 12th 2009. His hair is silver, layered, as well as feathered and flipped out slightly. He has jade eyes with a "Quirky Sparkle" as his father puts it. His skin is creamy and slightly pink (he has his mother's complexion), it burns easily. His face is heart-shaped with full, pink lips and cheeks, and a "Ski-Slope" nose. These feminine features cause Yukio to appear angrogynous and he is commenly mistaken for a woman, which he doesn't mind, as he crossdresses for "fun". Yukio is flamboyant, slightly narcissistic (he occasionally refers to himself as "God" or "Bhuddah"), and unafraid to speak his mind most of the time; however, he is sometimes reluctant to admit his true feelings and attempts to cover up him shyness with humor. He does the same with tough situations he can't handle, using humor to releive stress, which occasionally gets on everyone else's nerves. Yukio is gay and his lover and fiance is Tenkaru.


Yukio was raised lovingly by his parents in the Italian countryside, even to the point of being coddled by them and was (and still is) noteably spoiled. He slept in the bed with his parents (accept on certain nights when he slept with his "big sister" Makaiah) until he was eleven years old, suffereing from horrific night terrors after which he would be unable to get back to sleep. Riku would carry him around the house and rock him back to sleep, no matter how long it took. Yukio was preschooled by his mother, and when he was four years old, began to attend elementary school- he was put into kidnergarten a year early- in America using the corridors of darkness as transportation. Yukio was a friendly child and easily made friends with both the boys and the girls, opting to do more feminine things (such as joining the hair-braiding line) for fun. He was teased endlessly by boys throughout elementary school because of his feminine appearance and personaily, but was stood up for by his best friend Tenkaru every time. They were put into every class together up until the ninth grade. Yukio and Tenkaru were acceptionally close; once they snuck out to go play tag in the rain when they weren't supposed to and Yukio fell and hurt himself. Tenkaru snuck his soaking-wet friend back inside and embraced him. He healed Yukio's skinned knee and dried them both in the process. Yukio's androgynous appearance caused minor problems in elementary school other than teasing. Most of the girls he hang out with appeared to beleive that he was a girl as well ("Yuki") and some of the teachers feared this was both hurting him and the girls and proceeded to send out notes to the girl's parents to help explain to their daughters that Yukio was a boy. Yukio himself was horribly embarasssed and feared he would loose some of his friends; but by the time his parents complained to the teacher, the deed was done. However, none of the girls cared and continued to hang around with Yukio. Once Yukio went into Middle School, he began to dress more femininely, causing a young boy to actually assume he was a girl. He asked Yukio out on a date and Yukio was thrilled but confused. He stressed out about it and talked with his mother, coming to the realization that he was gay. Yukio went on the date, thinking the boy knew he was also a guy, and had a great time. It wasn't until the end of the date that they ran into Tenkaru, whom refered to Yukio as "Man" and "Dude". The young boy was shocked and thought Yukio had led him on as a sick joke; Yukio attempted to reason with him, but was left destroyed in the end. Tenkaru, however, marched straight up to the young man and punched him square in the face, promptly leaving to go console Yukio. Though Middle School, Yukio was shunned by every boy accept for Tenkaru and only hung out with girls. He eventually started to have male friends as soon as he got into Highschool. In November of his Junior year, strange things were stirring up with Yukio's family, as Xemnas had given a choice to his mother and Riku had offered to fill in for her. He was certain that he and his sisters were going to be sent off, and was horrfied to be seperated from his parents and Tenkaru. Yukio broke the news to Tenkaru in mid-December, the night before they left. The two were sitting on a hill outside of Yukio's house (Tenkaru warming the area around it) and Yukio told Tenkaru, bursting into tears. Tenkaru consoled Yukio and the two proceeded to star gaze. Tenkaru pointed to a star and said "I'm going to name that one Yukio." Yukio blinked in confusion and asked, "Why?" Tenkaru smiled, "Because its the brightest star out there." Yukio proceeded to kiss Tenkaru, but regretted it later, feeling horrible to have made a move on his best friend, and the two ran off in seperate directions. The next day, Yukio and his sisters were sent through The Door Of Orcallion. It was late in the hour and Yukio was the last to be rushed through. He lingered, wishing to stay with his mother as they heard someone enter the room. It was Riku, brandishing his Keyblade with a dark look in his eyes. Yukio's mother pushed him through, shouting: "GO!". The last thing Yukio saw before he went back in time was his father cutting diagonally down his mother's back.

Recent Events

Yukio arrived in present time with his two sisters in Mid-December, choosing to play it safe and not approach his parents so soon. The three lived around the house casually, hiding from their parents when necicerry. Eventually, by early January, Yukio was fed up and decided to have some fun. He dressed in an Organization cloak and stood outside, pointing to his mother and beakoning her, frightening her in the process. Several days later, he felt guilty, and also wanted to see her face again. He approached her while she was sleeping and attempted to kiss her cheek. Riku attacked him, thinking he was Xemnas, and pinned him to the wall. Yukio's hood fell down and he casually said "Hi Dad" with a cheesy smile. Riku dropped him and Janice and Sasha decided to show themselves. After moving into the house, Yukio met Axel via IM and spilled his guts out to him about loving Tenkaru. Aku advised him to talk it out with Tenkaru, knowing that Tenkaru most likely loved Yukio back. Since then, the two have become incredibly close, Yukio refering to Axel as "Tou-San" and Axel calling Yukio "Son" in return. Yukio confronted Tenkaru about his feelings whilst they were in Egypt, and Tenkaru revealed he felt the same way about Yukio. They are now considered lovers. A short while later, Ayame kidnapped Tenkaru and asked for Yukio in return. After she was finished with Yukio, she decided he "wasn't good enough" and took Tenkaru anyway. Yukio saught Tenkaru and had a huge emotional breakdown when he saw what she'd done to Tenkaru. Several weeks later, Yukio proposed to Tenkaru, and he accepted.


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