• Liz English as Yumi-Yumi Bear
  • Susan Sheridan as Alex the Bear Cub
  • Gabriel Damon as Ben the Bear Cub
  • Casey Kasem as Alexander Cabot III
  • Simon Cadell as Alan M. Mayberry
  • Dave Foley as Skip Gilroy
  • Terence Rigby as The Prince
  • Jimmy Hibbert as King Tiger
  • John Alderton as King Elephant
  • Allan Melvin as King Hippo
  • Ken Barrie as King Rhinoceros
  • Neil Morrissey as King Gorilla
  • Robert Powell as King Horse
  • William Hopper as King Giraffe
  • Raymond Burr as King Bat
  • John Huston as King Chicken
  • Derek Robbins as King Penguin
  • Ray Harryhausen as King Goat
  • Steven Spielberg as King Donkey
  • George Lucas as King Fox
  • Fred Steiner as King Camel
  • Red Skelton as King Pig
  • Samuel Goldwyn as King Zebra
  • Elvis Presley as King Turkey
  • Henry Jones as King Ant
  • Paul Fix as King Bull
  • Craig Stevens as King Caterpillar
  • Peter Graves as King Rooster
  • John Wayne as King Crocodile
  • Robert Mitchum as King Ram
  • Roy Webb as King Frog
  • Arthur Space as King Cock
  • Ray Harryhausen as King Hen
  • Bart Braverman as King Dragon
  • David Jason as Slithe
  • Joe Ranft as Zorak
  • Richard Briers, Ralph Richardson, Denholm Elliott, Harry Andrews, Joss Ackland, Roy Kinnear, Nigel Hawthorne, Mel Blanc and Brian Trueman as Dokarians
  • Melvyn Hayes as Vile the Bluebottle
  • Corey Allen and Dennis Hopper as Brutus and Nero
  • Ernest Borgnine as Captain Crocodile
  • Keith Richards as Narrator


Music by Hoyt Curtin (music from Popeye and Son, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, Laff-A-Lympics and The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo), Randy Newman, James Horner (music from The Land Before Time), Michael Kamen and Alan Silvestri


  • "The Butterfly Song" - Liz English
  • "Butterfly's Song" - Theresa Kowalski

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