Fighter's Pride Mini Wiki
--Shotokan Showdown--


Move List

Standing Normal Punches

  • Yuri does a really fast, straight, karate type punch. When close, it is all the same, and has the same range.
  • Yuri does a straight punch which hits slightly lower than her Far A attack. The range gets increased since she steps forward.
  • Yuri steps into the opponent and does an attack that looks like she is either clothes-lining the opponent or just slapping above and past him/her.

Standing Normal Kicks

  • Unnecessarily redrawn.
  • Yuri steps on her opponent's foot. Has small range, and takes a while for her to stomp on the opponent. This usually results in Yuri getting hit before she stomps.
  • Yuri does a roundhouse kick.

Crouching Normals

  • Yuri does a straight, fast karate type punch like the standing A, except she's crouching.

Normal Air Punches

  • An air slap.
  • Yuri does a double palmed attack angled downwards.

Normal Air Kicks

  • She kicks slightly lower than in the Jumping towards B.
  • Yuri does a short, mostly horizontal ranged Jumping kick angled slightly downwards. This move also does small damage and the hit frame lasts in the air for a while.


Oni Harite

Yuri grabs the opponent and does one slap that sends the opponent across the screen.

Silent Nage

Yuri does her original comma style throw.

Air Throw

Yuri takes the opponent down from the air. Also, after the throw, she is safe since she hops away.

Special Normals

En Yoku

Yuri's handcraft move. Also known as The Big Butt Press, Yuri faces the other way and hops backwards into the opponent, hitting the opponent with her butt. In The King of Fighters '95, the attack makes a silly sound when it hits the opponent.

Special Moves

Tiger Flame Punch

Yuri steps forward, and does a fairly large pink cotton candy looking fireball with her fist. The C version steps farther than the A version.


Yuri executes a pink sphere that attacks the opponent.

Rai Oh Ken

Yuri hops forward then hits over the the opponent's head with energy in her fists.

Yuri Super Knuckle

Yuri turns around, then lunges forward with her fist.

Yuri Super Upper

An anti-air uppercut. Yuri travels on the ground forward a bit more on the C version before rising. The A version seems to go straight up. The difference between A and C versions is not as obvious as in the past. The C version has an optional add-on finisher for extra damage.

Yuri Double Super Uppers

An double anti-air uppercut. Yuri executes two flying uppercuts if you connected with the C version of the Chou Upper.

The 100 Blows

She runs up to the opponent. If it hits, Yuri grab's the opponent and slaps him/her. Yuri's original multi-hitting trademark attack.

Yuri Chou Mawashi Geri

Yuri leaps and does a revolving kick attack.

Super Moves

Haoh Sho Koh Ken

Yuri gathers her energy then throws a big pink fireball that goes across the screen at lightning speed. Similar to Ryo, Robert, and Takuma's versions.

Flying Phoenix Kick

Yuri does her charge up pose during the super pause, runs forward, if she touches the opponent, she runs up to the opponent while kicking his/her face in. On SDM, she adds a Rai Ou Ken. Yuri's original Desperation Move.

Hien Rekkou

Yuri charges it while the microwave crapcom like *ding* is heard and does 3 different uppercuts in a row. On SDM, she adds 2 more.

Non-Attack Moves

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