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AKA: "Wimp" (by Wolfram), "Idiot" (Wolfram, Manfred), "Wimpue" (his children), Yuu-chan (his mother). Named "Yuuri" by Conrad at birth - the Japanese pronunciation of Juli (YOO-li), the German word for his birthmonth - July.

Age: 15

Looks: 5'6" at 15, but grows to maybe 5'9". Seemingly pure Japanese human, black hair and eyes, slight build.

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Character: As Yuuri, trusting and idealistic to a fault. Tends to waffle until a crisis makes him crystal clear. As Maou, complete opposite - decisive, judgmental, and often cruel.

Special skills: Unconditional love and trust. Flair for making friends from enemies, making peace. When he "goes Maou", it's unclear we'll ever reach the limits of his majutsu water powers. Also gains fire majutsu along the way.

Family: Second son of Shouma and Miko Shibuya, born in Boston. Elder brother Shouri. Later lived in New York a while (Shouma is an international investment banker). The family moved back to Tokyo when Yuuri reached school age.

Yuuri married Wolfram von Bielenfeld when he was 22, after an extraordinary series of wedding false starts spanning 7 years. By then they were raising three children together: Greta Shibuya (Yuuri's adopted daughter), Frieda von Gratz (Adelbert's daughter, fostered to Wolfram), and Bertram. Much of the time Efram is also visiting. (PW) A year after their wedding, the couple have a joint biological daughter, Ekaterin. (GoT) They also plan to cross-foster Bertram with Wolfram's youngest half-brother Avram, born the same day as Ekaterin.

Stories: All - I wouldn't write a KKM story without the Wimp. :)

Yuuri grows up a lot in the course of these stories.

The Bedding of Wolfram

  • Yuuri is glad Wolfram's off with his troop, glad to be rid of him. Until he finds out Wolfram's troop has been slaughtered and Wolfram kidnapped and dragged off to Mizrat.
  • Yuuri has to stay behind at the castle and be a king, while others go rescue Wolfram.
  • He comes to realize just how much Wolfram has come to mean to him. In fact, he loves Wolfram.
  • Alas, after being brutally gang-raped, Wolfram is not receptive to Yuuri's love.
  • Yuuri meets Wolfram's father Manfred for the first time - quite a shock.
  • Manfred wants Wolfram to return to Bielenfeld to recover. Yuuri's terrified that he's really going to lose Wolfram.
  • Yuuri sets out to win Wolfram back from his personal hell.
  • They finally get together physically as a couple. Yuuri's staying in Shin Makoku. They plan to get married...


6 years later

  • Our cast reminisces about 6 years' worth of Yuuri's disastrous failed weddings.
  • They add one more wedding disaster, but this time manage to get married - at last!

But what happened in the intervening years, with these colorful failed weddings? Well...


During BoW, and 20 years before

Axel is two stories - the frame story is Wolfram's hard work with Manfred and Yuuri, trying to recover from his gang-rape in Mizrat. To do that, he has to come to terms with the deaths of his troop and what that meant to him. He looks back twenty years to when his troop was formed.

  • Conrad's gone to Earth bearing Yuuri's soul to be born, so Wolfram picks up Axel and his buddies at sword practice.
  • This turns into Wolfram's first love affair and he becomes officer of the troop - and then breaks up with his lover/sergeant, Axel.

And back to the present.

  • Yuuri learns about Wolfram's first lover.
  • Wolfram and Yuuri finally go all the way as lovers.
  • Manfred declares Wolfram recovered enough, and leaves.
  • Wolfram stumbles onto the idea of childrearing to replace his lost military career.

The Pirate Wedding

Two years after BoW and Axel

  • Wolfram plans a gala wedding at Blood Pledge Castle. He'll wear the dress.
  • Yuuri meets more and more von Bielenfelds. Wolfram's other side family is daunting.
  • Yuuri invites all the Aristocrats and human allies.
  • Wolfram has become Yuuri's political advisor. Yuuri still doesn't listen enough, though.
  • The mothers of the grooms are kidnapped by pirates.
  • During the rescue, Wolfram is killed. Yuuri revives him - by executing nearly 100 pirates.
  • The wedding is cancelled. All future wedding dresses and kimono are vetoed.
  • Wolfram wanted to adopt another child. By the end the couple is raising four -
  • Bertram is the reincarnation of Shinou. So now Yuuri is raising Shinou. (Wolfram's in denial.)

Wolfram Takes a Break

One year later - three years after BoW and Axel

  • Manfred and Cecilie's wedding cruise in the Khrennikov Fire Islands.
  • Yuuri's pretty helpless with baby Bertram when Wolfram swims off in a huff.
  • Yuuri eventually sets off to 'rescue' Wolfram - joined by children, Adelbert, and Friedrich von Bielenfeld, who still intimidates him.
  • They find Wolfram with a phoenix about to do its 500-year pyre. The whole family joins to watch.
  • The phoenix asks each for a grief to redeem - Wolfram's grief is that Yuuri will age and die so soon. Yuuri's was on roughly the same topic, but more vague.
  • Yuuri and others gain fire majutsu powers from the fire elementals also attending the event.

Non-canon ending

  • The last chapter is not canon for the story arc - I'm not writing toward this future for Yuuri and Wolfram, the way I did with Epilogue.
  • Wolfram stays young, and takes lovers as Yuuri loses vitality.
  • Yuuri ages quickly and badly, and dies decrepit around age 60.
  • The phoenix revives Yuuri, as an 18-year-old again.
  • This aging-die-reset-to-18 cycle happens once again.
  • The third time Yuuri dies, he and Wolfram die together, to be reborn together as lovers. No more grief for the phoenix to redeem.
  • Bertram becomes the next Maou.

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