00Summon Yxarr

The Wretched Lady; Yxarr

A dangerous, devious summon, Yxarr (Ih-sharr) is extremely hard for even the most acomplished summoners to control. The Boreal call her 'The first one' and belive that she is the first Boreal to ever exist, and that all current Boreal trace their ancestory back to her. The legend of Yxarr is this: Yxarr is very powerfull, but can never surpass Enlyl (the Goddess), and can never destroy her either. This is because Yxarr is Enlyl's shadow. If Enlyl were to be destroyed, even by the hands of Yxarr, there would be no one to cast the shadow anymore, and Yxarr herself would be destroyed as a result. Because Yxarr fears this, as well as the more powerfull Enlyl, she stays as far away from the Goddess' warmth as possible, in the frozen southern lands.

Yxarr is a Dracaur. Half of her is humanoid, the other half resembles a large reptile (such as a salamander or basilisk). her skin is a yellowish green color, and the reptilian half is a much darker, more emerald shade of green. In place of her front legs, she has a pair of leathery wings, Her hair is the same shade of green as her scales, and while her human portion is beautiful and shapely, all six of her limbs end in clawed apendages, weather it be the small ones at the ends of her humanoid fingers, or the much larger ones attached to her wing joints and back legs. When she breathes, she breathes from two places. Her mouth and nose bring oxegen to her humanoid lungs, and then there are six slits in her lower chest, just below her belly button, which bring oxigen to her reptilian lungs.

When summoned, Yxarr is just as likely to attack her summoner as she is her summoners opponent. She can lash out with her tail, slash with her forelegs, or use those legs to hold down the victim, leaving them prone to attacks from a long and vicious poison-tipped naginata which she carries with her at all times. She can also use poison spells, curses, and a multitude of status affecting spells to cause chaos on the battlefield. When truly angered, she can unleash zombie or skeletal minions upon her victims or simply destroy them with the Meteor spell.

As stated earlier, even master summoners have difficulty controling Yxarr, and there have been documented occations in which a novice summoner has attempted this feat, only to have her wrathfully attack the summoner and then go on to destroy any other nearby persons, including at least one instance where she has gone on to destroy a nearby village, killing all it's inhabitants in the process.

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