Z'ack, was one of the few survivors of the fall of D'ni. An Apprentice in the Art, he quickly tried to learn more form studying a few amounts of Linking Books he was able to save, from destruction. Years later, as a master of the Art, he living in a secluded Age known as Remallan. He named it on his own and it had no discernable D'ni background. This energetic island theocracy was noted for its advanced road-building. It was destroyed by gradual social decline caused by disrespect, leaving behind only ruins and temples.

== Upbringing == Growing up in D'ni was not easy for Z'ack. He began life as the son of a worker. His father died when Z'ack was young and he had to take the role of a family head by the age of 11. Perhaps it was this that led to him becoming an Apprentice in The Art. This happened 5 years later when a wealthy D'ni approached his household one day. He introduced himself as Kehn, Master of the Art. He offered to take Z'ack as his apprentice, due to the 16 ear olds exeptional maturity.

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