Sullustan NEGAS

A Z'ood

The Z'ood are a race of small, mouse-like humanoids that is distinguished by their huge black eyes, loose jowls, and pointed ears. Native to the planet Z'ood, the Z'ood people are forced to live underground in order to avoid Z'ood's inhospitable atmosphere. Their ingenuity and adaptability allowed them to created huge underground cities, and Z'oods became known as some of the galaxy's best civil engineers. As their civilization flourished, their technology grew at an incredibly fast rate, as evidenced by the rise to power of the SoroSuub Corporation. Individual Z'oods had an innate sense of direction, having lived in caves all their lives. They also had the uncanny ability to remember a path or map exactly, after seeing it just once. Thus, many Z'oods became pilots and navigators. After the age of 30 standard years, most Sullustans begsn to experience corneal defects, and had to be fitted with special visors. As a people, Z'oods had a shrewd business sense, although most corporate goals were established with the betterment of the people in mind.

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