Z-2: Inn At The East is an upcoming EP that will be released before Lost In The Ruins, Made Of Souls, and Resurrection. It features samples from the Pokemon Christmas Bash Album.


  1. Snowman (ft. One Direction)
  2. Inn At The East (ft. Macklemore And Ryan Lewis)
  3. Electric Train (ft. Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys)
  4. Drifting Down Elm Street (ft. Patrick Stump)
  5. Cerulean (Hidden Secrets) (ft. Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown)
  6. fRoSt (with Eminem ft. Ke$ha)
  7. Under Attack (ft. Isaac Slade of The Fray)
  8. White Blood (ft. Gorillaz)
  9. Freeze (ft. Robin Thicke and 2 Chainz)
  10. Medley Of The Night (ft. Christina Aguilera and Lily Allen)
  11. Deadwood (ft. Madonna)
  12. Nation of the North (ft. The White Stripes)


  1. fRoSt
  2. Inn At The East
  3. Deadwood
  4. Snowman
  5. White Blood
  6. Cerulean (Hidden Secrets)
  7. Medley Of The Night

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