Official Album Cover

YIELD is the upcoming 2nd studio album by American DJ and Brony DJ Andrew Burton, known by his stage name Z-2. It was released on October 20 2017 by Atlantic Records.


  1. Prelude / YIELD (ft. Christina Grimmie & Bryce Papenbrook)
  2. Harmony (ft. Lukas Graham) (from My Little Pony: The Movie)
  3. New Horizon
  4. Into The Ocean (ft. Tove Lo)
  5. The Stoner
  6. The Rocketeer (ft. Brittany Howard)
  7. Parlor
  8. Flip Out (ft. Rick Ross, Drake, & Soulja Boy)
  9. Steep (ft. DJ Khaled)
  10. iRock
  11. Hear No Evil
  12. Sleep Tight (ft. Alessia Cara)
  13. Free Warrior (ft. Miley Cyrus)
  14. Boundless (ft. Sia)
  15. What Used To Be (Z-2 & Coldplay)
  16. Vial Of Me (ft. Justin Bieber)
  17. Party Hard (extended mix) (from My Little Pony: The Movie) (Bonus Track, Deluxe Only)
  18. Candy Boys (ft. Owl City) (Bonus Track, Deluxe Only)
  19. Drowned In Love (Bonus Track, Deluxe Only)
  20. Bones And Breakers (Z-2 vs. David Guetta) (Bonus Track, Deluxe Only)
  21. Search And Destroy (ft. Chester Bennington) (from My Little Pony: The Movie) (Bonus Track, Deluxe Only)
  22. Night After Night (Bonus Track, Deluxe Only)
  23. Nostalgic (Bonus Track, Deluxe Only)


  1. Vial Of Me (Released: May 5 2017)
  2. Harmony (Released: July 10 2017)
  3. Party Hard (Released: September 8 2017)
  4. Search And Destroy (Released: September 8 2017)
  5. What Used To Be (Released: September 29 2017)
  6. Sleep Tight (Released: November 3 2017)

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