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  • What should they say?
  • Who should organize?, When to send?


  • Should we reserve the community building or not? Cost is $500 which seems steep (Marlene in an email suggested that we don't rent it). Do we need to reserve the park shelter?
  • (Lenny) How much is it to rent the park pavillion? How far in advance do we need to make a decision so as to not risk of losing it?


(Diane & Marlene) Game ideas:

  • Get senior pictures or baby pictures of kids and grandkids and GG kids

and do a photo ID thing game. they could be requested on line or through snail mail.

  • Name that tune
  • Use the finish line game for a game or that game Donna brought for Christmas
  • The balloon toss and the guess # of candy in a jar game are a go-go for


  • The toys/ grab bag for the little kids are a possible no-no.

(Donna) Game thoughts:

  • Instead of teams being found by families (Bob and Donna's kids etc) how about if we have 'teams' based on birthdays? For example we'd have a "Winter" team with everybody who has a birthday in Dec, Jan and Feb, a Spring team that had everybody with a birthday in April, May June, etc. This may help folks to mingle outside their family more.

(Donna) What about golfing? Does Pat and Maurice always organize this before the 'real' picnic?

Food As I recall, the salads, veggies, and desserts are pot luck but we cater the meat. How does that work again, as in who pays, what is it (chicken and burgers or just chicken) and do we pick it up or does Hy Vee deliver? (Lenny)

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