Zachary Pingrey is the main protagonist of Zachary and The Vamp and the love interest of Penelope Johanssen. Voiced by Scott Menville, he has orange hair, brown eyes and wears a blue long sleeved shirt, brown jeans and brown shoes. At his age, he is 13 years old.


  1. Melanie and Joshua Pingrey (Parents)
  2. Reginald and Brandon Pingrey (Brothers)
  3. Penelope Johanssen (Love Interest)
  4. Ringer (Pet Dog)
  5. Eric Bernstein (Rival)
  6. Sophia Winterford (Childhood Friend)


  1. Being steady to Penelope
  2. Befriending Octavia Radcliffe
  3. Hanging out with Arthur and Jasmine


  1. His rivalry with Eric
  2. Losing his focus
  3. Being bothered by Reggie


  1. He is the main protagonist of the series.
  2. He lives with only his two brothers and his parents.
  3. His rival is Eric
  4. Because he has a crush on Penelope, he means it
  5. Most of all, he's an average boy
  6. He has been childhood friends with Sophia since he met her in Kindergarten.

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