Zaine Lowe

Born on an unknown planet, Zaine was taken in by a family on Ord Mantell. The family kept him as a general slave, making him do the families washing, cleaning, cooking and other such labour. He longed to up and leave - run away, and start a fresh life. But where would he go?

Life was difficult for Zaine - he grew up having nothing for himself. Yet, he had to watch Jahn - the only actual son of the family - pampered with everything he wanted. When the latest hologames came out, he got them. He was given piloting lessons, taught multiple languages and given the very best education money could buy.

But not all was bad. Using a small listening device, Zaine managed to listen in to all of the lessons about piloting. Using this, he learnt the rudimentaries of flight - how to launch, using the throttle, steering and most importantly hyperspace.

One day, aged 17 - Zaine found his opportunity. One of the more expensive droids - used normally for security - malfunctioned. The family tossed it aside, deciding, wastefully, to get a new one. Salvaging the damaged parts, Zaine worked dilligently on the droid, eventually repairing it.

When the family were next out, Zaine left the family for good, packing some bits and pieces he stole in order to be able to last a bit longer. His first stop was the pawn shop, where he sold the repaired droid for a substantial amount of cash.

But no matter what he did, or where he went, the money wasn't enough to rent a ship, and leave. Despairing, Zaine did not know what to do. The money he had would last a month or two - but he knew he would be searched for, and found. He didn't know alot about the planet, whereas they did.

Finally, a spark of inspiration hit Zaine like a bolt of blue lightning. Entering the Casino, Zaine decided to win what he needed to get the ship.

Zaine ended up winning seventeen straight games of sabacc - apparently a new record according to the Casino. Holding a small fortune in winnings, Zaine managed to purchase a cheap Z-95, and still have substantial funding left over.

Zaine travelled the galaxy as a professional gambler. It was a profitable employ, and he made many friends and many enemies under the alias "Jahn Lowe". It was using this alias that he was attacked by the Bounty Hunter.

It wasn't until he visited a casino on Coruscant, that his life changed. The Casino had previously been the site of a lightsaber duel, between a dark jedi and a jedi. Apparently, the Dark Jedi had eventually retreated, but nevertheless, the Jedi - a newly-promoted Knight named Sygh - was still there, giving a report.

Sitting at a slots machine, Zaine was approached by the Jedi, and told about his force-ability. Apparently it was visable to him, all the raw force energy that circled him. At first, Zaine was dismissive, but Sygh smiled, and asked "How many times have you ever lost in a casino? That's not fate". Sygh told Zaine to visit him at the temple, to be trained as a Jedi.

For two months, Zaine continued his life as normal, dismissing the comment. But something played on his mind. Eventually, Zaine decided to enlist at the Temple, and seek training from Sygh.

Having arrived at the Temple, Zaine discovered that Sygh had been killed by a Sith named Rynn D'shal. Feeling a little disappointed, Zaine almost left - but decided he owed it to Sygh to lead him into a better life. The life of a Jedi.

Trained by the Jedi Master Jake Daniels, Zaine found that he possessed an ability at foresight - seeing into the future. While most Jedi possess a small degree of ability, Zaine found himself continually bombarded with visions of the future to an almost maddening state.

For a while, Zaine retreated from Jedi life. He found solice in books and learning the art of meditation and quietening his mind. It allowed him to control his unique power, which he himself described as both his gift and his curse.

Zaine reintroduced himself to Jedi life, taking on an Apprentice, Lance Garrison. However, before he was able to complete his training, the Jedi were exiled from the Jedi Temple by the Republic.

Zaine Lowe threw himself into the defence of his home, being one of only four Jedi surviving on defensive duties. However, in doing so, he injured himself, and got seperated from the other three.

Forced to find his own way to the Jedi escape vessel - the Divine Reckoning - Zaine was confronted and captured by Sith Lord Kikatris Hague. Kikatris easily subdued the injured Jedi Knight, and has taken him to a secret location, with the intention of turning the Jedi Knight to the Dark Side.

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