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The Zamrian Empire (founded 1877 AO by Chancellor Zamrias of the Old Imperial Council) is a superpower on the world of Borendil. Its current leader is Emperor Nujarek II.

Originally the Empire was conceived to be a conquering force, as the leaders of the Old States were growing weary of constant infighting and threats from outside forces, including Old Istar. The original goal of the Empire was twofold:

  • Solidify the Old States into the Zamrian Empire and create a centralized government
  • Conquer enemy territories to neutralize threats to the Empire

These ideas worked well at first, but a series of power-hungry emperors (beginning with Emperor Pellin IV in 1923 AO) eventually made the Empire a ruthless invasion force. It sought not only to conquer its enemies, but to expand itself to cover the entire globe. This imperialistic strategy allowed them to conquer the Western Continent, which was originally occupied by non-allied city-states, and declare them colonies. These colonies would eventually become the United Colonies of Eluria in 1967 AO. The League of Free States were a similar grouping of former city-states that banded together to oppose the Empire, though they only came into conflict during the short War of 1945.

Emperor Nujarek I declared an end to this militaristic policy in 1977 (On the Empire's centennial, coincedentally). This allowed Eluria to gain independence and the Imperial Army was drawn back to the imperial mainland, reduced in numbers, and divided into four divisions (North, South, East, and West). His son Nujarek II further supported the non-aggression policy, though the actions of the renegade General Leonidas resulted in the Elurian Unification War, which began in 2009 AO and continues to the present.


The Zamrian Empire has the largest economy in the world and trades with all major countries to some extent.

Self-supportive Ability

The Empire is located on the Eastern Continent, a land that is rich in farmland and lakes. Because of this, the Empire does an exceedingly good job at supporting itself, regardless of international trade (Which it mainly participates in for the income).

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