Zanaeris is the world where Final Fantasy R is set.


Zanaeris during the Age of Conquest. Red: Venaarian Empire Blue: Dal'allaman Republic Green: Gehzen Free People Orange: Zaphad Enclave Yellow: Moryl'ia



Venaar, or the eastern lands, are primarily made up of arid wastelands. However, in the western edges of the territory, grass and greenery are not uncommon. Venaar was the starting point of the Venaarian Empire's conquests.

Gehzen Peninsula

The Gehzen Peninsula is a large landmass, jutting out into the sea from the territory of Dallam. It is comprised of woodland.

Dallam Mainland

Dallam, or the mainland, is the primary landmass in Zanaeris, alongside Venaar. Its is a fertile land, with a good balance of terrain.

Yyhnaer Island Chain

Located in the bay, the Yyhnaer Islands are between the larger territories of Venaar and Dallam. They are mountainous regions.


Moryl'ia, more commonly known as the Dead Island, is a nigh-on mythical place. Nothing is known about it.


Venaarian Empire

The Venaarian Empire rose to prominence in C21, after a large war between the eastern tribes. Establishing a large and disciplined military, the Empire quickly expanded to the Venaar-Dallam border. After Emperor Solorian I rose to prominence in C59, the Venaarian Invasion began, with the Imperial legions marching on Dallam and Gehzen. They faced stiff resistance in the mainland, but managed to break through in the north, striking into the heart of the Dal'allaman Republic. The invasion of Gehzen was also marginally sucessful, but guerilla tactics slowed down the advace. The Imperial invasion of Gehzen also forced the Republic's hand, who sought to conquer Gehzen before the Empire.

Dal'allaman Republic

The Dal'allaman Republic is the longest standing nation on Zanaeris, founded in the early years of the Age of Consolidation. They capitalised on the fertile soils of Dallam and the large expanses of coast. Settlers had colonised most of Dallam by the end of the Age. By C1, the Republic was the largest faction, with a happy populace and a substantial army. However, in C59, the Imperial Invasions began. Crown Prince Zah'haer personally led the main Republic army to Nisyrus Fortress, where he successfuly held out against the offensive. However, this move left the north critically open to an offensive, which the Empire capitalised upon; breaching the Republic defences and eventually capturing the large city of Laeranon.

King Terrinald IV, relying on the counsel of inexperienced ministers, rather than Zah'haer, decided to pull the main army in Nisyrus back to the Han'zhou Plateau, where they could defend the capital from the Imperials in the north. The prince was strongly opposed to the idea, and acctualy stayed at Nisyrus, with a loyal cadre of warriors, and held out against the Imperials. The bulk of the army, now under Bahaer von Levvin, retreated back to Han'zhou, fulfilling the King's wishes.

Also on the advice of his ministers, and again much to Zah'haer's chagrin, Terrinald launched the Invasion of Gehzen, starting up a new front, where Zah'haer had addvocated allying with them. The initial campaign was distarous; most of the Republic fleet crashing against the coast; where the Gehzen forces were pre-empting their arrival. However, after some defeats, the sheer manpower of Republic army prevailed and they managed to capture a number of beachheads. However, the assault ground down to a stalemate.

At Nisyrus, Zah'hael was gravely wounded in a final Imperial assault, and the fortress was taken. The Republic forces managed to retreat to the city of Hanehn, where the Prince succumbed to his wounds. This dealt a crippling blow to Republic moral, and the path was now open for a full scale Imperial assault. .

Gehzen Free People

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