Zane Fleia is a Nezumi that primarily summons Zombies. He is a graduate in the Academy of Magic. Thusfar, he has not done anything that matters to more than a few people at a time, and he has not played a large role in many of the different plotlines that effect the Academy of Magic as a whole, though he has made a difference in more subtle ways, and is probably one of the more humble graduates.

Character Outline

Zane Fleia is a Nezumi, or rat-folk, with a Ghell G'imu primarily. He has recently added some Shal spells to his repetoire, roughly one and a half years after graduation. His specialization is in zombies, and he would go so far to say that he is the best zombie summoner in the Academy, and prides himself on that. He almost always wears a light brown cloak, starting at the bottom portion of his neck and stopping just short of his clawed feet. He is normally barefoot. Under this cloak, he does wear very loose black clothes most of the time, though no one has even seen them. They are mostly unnecessary at any rate. One point of interest on Zane's appearance is the pendant he wears around his neck, which is an obsidian implanted in the center of a silver square. It seems to have magical properties, and Zane does not remember how, where, or when he obtained it. It, among other things, attributes to his theory that he was not born genetically. The actual magic properties at work in the pendant as of yet are unknown to Zane. Roshiyu Rinomaru once took note of the pendant on Zane's first day in the Academy's training arena, and said "Perhaps One does know where you sired from, perhaps not. But it is of no concern." This was Zane's first real acquaintance in the entire Academy. He stands at 5'10, and is almost abnormally thin. His muzzle extends only marginally more than a standard Nezumi's. His ears twitch, turning towards sounds that he focuses on in an ironically cat-like manner. His eyes are a piercingly bright green, yet if you look into them long enough, dark, tainted spots appear. The source of these spots is so far unknown, and the only one who could have actually seen them as of yet is Cassy Tomb, during their first of many fights on Earth. His personality is oddly polite, and he has picked up many human gestures fairly quickly in the sixteen or so years among them. His actions at times seem impulsive, but in truth he almost always puts thought into them. He just does not always show it. He enjoys an intelligent conversation, and is a rather good friend who is not likely to betray you. On the other hand, he strongly dislikes people that are brash, reckless, or unintelligent, unless they have a good personality and disposition to back it up.



Zane Fleia had escaped from the Plane of Chaos, his home plane, thirteen years before enrolling in the Academy. Among the beasts in the Plane of Chaos, Zane did not seem to fit in. He was too polite and human-like to make ends meet among the insanity. Both of his parents were very akin to the chaotic nature of the plane, and it is a mystery how he had gained the traits he has. He believes his birth may have been under magical circumstances instead of normal genetic reproduction, though his theories on the matter have yet to be proven. He escaped into the world of humans because it seemed to have much more affinity to him than his home plane, though maybe not his true bithplace. He soon learned that his level of magical use was stronger than the general normal power among the new world around him, and decided to refine these skills in hopes of someday discovering what events had lead to his birth. His only keepsake is a mysterious pendant with an obsidian, which he has had since birth and seems to have magical properties. He does not remember where he acquired it, and it is one of the leading reasons he supports the "magical birth" theory. It was around this point a recruiter for the Academy of Magic found him, and brought him to Arcanis.

OOC Zane and Trivia

  • Created the Mighty Wall of Text (MWOT) award.
  • When OOC Zane Fleia speaks, it sounds very different than IC Zane Fleia. They have a similar mindset, but are quite different.
  • Has way too much fun when talking to other people. Whether they like it or not.
  • First used the name Zane Fleia at least three years ago on a roleplaying board in MSN Groups. Now uses it at every opportune chance.
  • Is also known to use the name Yashi Fleia and Myuu Fleia, the latter used if the character is female. The former works for both genders.
  • Despite all his common characters sharing the Fleia surname, there is no real "family tree" and it is useless, and mind boggling, to look at the genetics and who came first.
  • Wears an orange-and-white furred fox tail and a blue collar.

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