Zarp is a fictional character and leading protagonist in the Fanfic series Ryu Hakaisha by Hakaisha and Ganondorf Dragmire.

About Zarp

Zarp comes from the planet Xion.So far Zarp's main goal isto be the fastest to graduate, which means he has to do it under 5years, most do it in 15years. One other goal is that after he graduates is joining the North DT and being the best agent they have.

Zarp is the son of Tsuika and Tsuiko


His eyes are a shade of dark black and his hair is black . His skin color is peach, he wears yellow gloves that that cover mainly his palms only and the logo on his gloves is a red x. His suit is a light blue gi with a white lining and belt. His shoes are black and fit his feet perfectly. His muscles aren't the biggest they can be but that doesn't mean he isn't strong. His hair style is kinda of a spiked style.

Personality and relationships



Zarp's training first started when at a really young age, but because his mother didnt like the idea his father stopped training till he stated again when Zarp was five. Now at age six Zarp will be going to school for more training...

Planets that Zarp has been on Xion

Recent chapters

After having Xion invaded by Shizu Zarp and Idai wa dai went off to stop Shizu but when they meet him they found out that Zarp's father was in chains and Shizu then started ponding the daylights out of Idai wa dai till he couldnt move so then Zarp went into the battle but also didnt last long also and would have died if not for Tsuika breaking the chains and killing Shizu at the last minute.


As seen in the series none really, but he is seen that he can have high speed and power.


None at the time

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