Cast Zathura Toy Story

  • Danny as Buzz Lightyear
  • Astronaut/Future Walter as Rex
  • Robot as Hamm
  • Lisa as Bo Peep
  • Dad as Woody
  • Walter as Mr. Potato Head
  • Lead Zorgon as Ken
  • Head Zorgon as Andy Phillips
  • Master Zorgon as Sid Phillips
  • Captain Zorgon as Slinky Dog
  • Fire Zorgon as Stinky Pete

Cast Zathura Ratatouille

  • Danny as Remy
  • Walter as Skinner
  • Lisa as Collette
  • Dad as Linguini
  • Robot as Zurg (from Toy Story)
  • Astronaut Future Walter as Carl Fredricksen (from Up)
  • Lead Zorgon as auguste
  • Head Zorgon as Randall Boggs (from Monsters Inc)
  • Master Zorgon as Ego
  • Captain Zorgon as Emile

Cast Zathura Cars

  • Danny as Lighting Mcqueen
  • Astronaut/Feature Walter as the King
  • Robot as Sheriff
  • Lisa as Lizzie
  • Dad as ramone
  • Walter as Doc Hudson
  • Lead Zorgon as Chick hicks
  • Head Zorgon as Snot Rod
  • Master Zorgon as Sarge
  • Captain Zorgon as Mater
  • Fire Zorgon as Professor Z

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