The 2123 Atlantic hurricane season was a average season. During this year twelve tropical storms formed, the fewest since 2119. The season began on June 1, 2123 and ended on November 30. The season had fourteen tropical depressions, of which twelve intensified into tropical storms, eight became hurricanes, and two became major hurricanes. The two most significant storms of the season, in terms of loss of life and damage, were Hurricanes Dragon and Lars. The strongest storm this season was Hurricane Hamilton, a strong category 5 hurricane that stayed out to sea.

Throughout the basin, 327 people were killed in tropical cyclone-related incidents and total losses reached roughly $20 billion, more than half which came from Hurricane Dragon. Of the season's fourteen cyclones, six made landfall during their existence. The only cyclone to hit the United States was Hurricane Jack as a tropical storm late in its existence.

Hurricane Alyss

Hurricane Benjamin

Tropical Storm Carmel

Hurricane Dragon

Hurricane Dragon 4
Temporary cyclone north
Duration August 29—September 19
Intensity 135 mph, 935 mbar

Tropical Storm Ellie

Tropical Storm Francis

Hurricane Georgina

Hurricane Hamilton

Hurricane Izzy

Hurricane Jack

Tropical Storm Kaylee

Hurricane Lars

Retired Names

The following names were used for named storms in the North Atlantic in 2123. Names that were not used are marked in gray. This is the same list used in the 2117 season with the exception of Benjamin, Lars and Miranda, which replaced Hurricane Barney, Hurricane Lester, and Hurricane Marina respectively. The names Benjamin and Lars were used for Atlantic storms for the first time in 2123.

  • Alyss
  • Benjamin
  • Carmel
  • Dragon
  • Ellie
  • Francis
  • Georgina
  • Hamilton
  • Izzy
  • Jack
  • Kaylee
  • Lars
  • Miranda (unused)
  • Norm (unused)
  • Olli (unused)
  • Payne (unused)
  • Rhea (unused)
  • Samson (unused)
  • Thalia (unused)
  • Vincent (unused)
  • Willa (unused)


The World and Space Meteorological Organization retired three names in the spring of 2124: Dragon, Jack, and Lars. They were replaced in the 2129 season by Derek, Joey, and Lior respectively.

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