ZeGLS stands for Zero Government Living System

ZeGLS is atem (the reverse of 'meta') of Zero Government, and is a meta of the world.

Where do we start?

A possible approach to ZeGLS is this article:

Five Questions to begin with:

Question 1: Should we have a semi-fixed directory-like taxonomy at the highest level (Level 1) or just dynamic Tags lists.

If Taxonomy I think we could start with something similar to current government ministries just without the emphasis on national interests: Economy, Education, Social, Culture,... Or maybe start with the 7 chakras on level 1: Spirituality, Intellectuality, Communication, Love, Will, Emotions, Sexuality/Subsistence. Or several dynamic taxonomies coexisting simultaneously as filters.

Question 2: Should there be a coersive minimal compact core? what could this say?

Maybe something like: Rule 1: Be as free and happy as you want or can without affecting others access to Rule 1 which should imply no killing, maybe no hurting, but not necessarily no robbing.

Question 3: How decisions are dynamicaly taken by suscribers?

Maybe: Proposals are posted and periodically rated by suscribers. Above some rating*popularity coeficient the Proposal is accepted and, if was the aim, becomes a rule for suscribers, until next voting period. Maybe ZeGLS is a Wiki

Question 4: What kind of coersion can be vested upon suscribers, who watches upon its fulfillment and what punishment is applied on infringers?

Hopefully no coersion exept removal from set. (maybe also vanishment from it for an extended period of time)

Question 5: How could money and work matters be regulated under such voluntary based government system?

Maybe thanks to a Guaranteed Basic Income

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