Zebedee/The Little Engine That Could are parodies with Zebedee the Z-Stack and Friends clips and The Little Engine That Could sounds.


  • Petra [from Theodore Tugboat] as Tillie
  • Rebecca [from Theodore Tugboat] as Georgia
  • Cabot [from Theodore Tugboat] as Doc
  • Grampus as Fransworth
  • Burke as Pete
  • Snorri [from Theodore Tugboat] as Jebediah
  • Zebedee as Chip
  • Clayton [from Theodore Tugboat] as Tower
  • Zak as Eric
  • Sally Seaplane as Jill
  • Nantucket as Rollo the Clown
  • Lilly the Lighthouse [from Theodore Tugboat] as Grumpella
  • Jasper the Junk Dock [from Theodore Tugboat] as Chippers
  • Zug & Zip as The Giraffes
  • Bluenose as Perky
  • Bobby Barge [from Theodore Tugboat] as Handy Pandy
  • Zorran as Stretch
  • Bridget Hatt [from TTTE] as Missy
  • Boomer as The Big Wolf
  • Oliver [from Theodore Tugboat] as The Little Wolf
  • OJ as The Eagle
  • Scuttlebutt Pete as The Voice Inside the Cave


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