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Zeek's cantina is the Wiki for the Mercenary crew Role play found in the Dantooine Theater Company at The is made to be the one stop resource for our little unofficial corner of the Star Wars Universe, the players keep making New Characters, Locations and various other things so hence I made this.

About Mercenary Crew: The idea for the original RP was originally created by the Brilliant mind of the man known as Starmark2k.A fan of Star Wars and the short lived TV series Firefly, he wanted to combine the to and Mercenary crew was developed, The first incarnation was based in the old republic era and lasted for 1 and a half stories before fading into the graveyard of dead RP's. The Second named 'Age of the Empire' was based during the rise of the empire Era 10 years pre the battle of Yavin IV and is still going on it's forth adventure. The third 'Separatist Scum!' went to the time of the Clone Wars and had some of the most evil characters in the galaxy involved, but Evil failed to see the end of episode 1. The Forth instalment, Age of the Rebellion, took us to the Rebellion Era after the battle of Yavin IV but also died failing to complete the first Thread. Now the fifth Incarnation has begun and follows the adventures of 'Bounty Hunters.

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