[b]Surname:[/b] Requinato [b]Given Name:[/b] Zeke [b]Known Aliases:[/b] none [b]Occupation:[/b] pilot [b]Legal status:[/b] single [b]Criminal record:[/b] no [b]Race:[/b] human [b]Gender:[/b] male [b]Age:[/b] 25 [b]Place of Birth:[/b] Coruscant [b]Place of Residence:[/b] did live on Coruscant, but now resides on his ship [b]Former Place(s) of Residence:[/b] none other than Coruscant [b]Affiliation:[/b] works for himself

I'm adding this: [b]Ship[/b] [ newwindow]The Absolution[/link] The only difference is that the brown areas in the image are red.


[b]Appearance[/b] [b]Height:[/b] 6 feet [b]Weight:[/b] bout 150 or so [b]Eye Colour:[/b] brown [b]Hair:[/b] brown [b]Other Features:[/b] nope

[b]Clothing:[/b] He can usually be seen dressed as in the appearance link. For those formal occasions, or just whenever he feels like it, he'll throw on a loose over shirt and a black trenchcoat. He also always has on a blaster holster with two blasters as seen in the above photo.

[b]Uniform:[/b] doesn't have one. He just wears whatever.


[b]Personality:[/b] Well...he's a pilot, meaning he can be kind of moody at times. He's a man who expects his orders to be followed by anyone while onboard his ship. Don't get him wrong though, he's a kind-hearted soul. He generally only gets moody when in serious situations, and when he's in the presense of someone he doesn't like. Most times, though, he can be found having a laugh with friends and enjoying a drink at the nearest bar. He's one of the types that a person can both love and hate, depending on the situation, but most people tend to enjoy his company. He's very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to ships and flying.

[b]Known Relatives:[/b] none that he knows of [b]Father:[/b] Cael Requinato [b]Mother:[/b] Maegan

[b]History:[/b] Zeke was born to a shipping family on the city planet of Coruscant. His father was a fairly well known pilot around the area and did a good deal of business. The family shipped anything from goods to people through the galaxy, though they weren't smugglers. They did nothing illegal with their business. As a young boy, Zeke traveled with his father on all of his trips and learned to be a pilot along the way. By the time he was 10, Zeke could pilot the family ship, [i]The Absolution[/i], just as well as his father. He also came in contact with many alien species and started picking up on different languages and customs, which he thought may be useful later on when he took over the business.

There came a day when a group of shady men called upon Cael's, Zeke's father's, services. They asked him to ship some highly illegal goods to a nearby planet, which he down right refused. The group of men offered a great deal of money, but were still rejected by the righteous Cael. The men then pulled blasters and were prepared to steal the ship when a passing Jedi intervened. After several tense moments, the survivors of the group stumbled away, never to bother the Requinato family again. This was Zeke's first contact with the Jedi. From then on, the family did whatever they could for the Jedi.

About the age of 19, Zeke was flying the ship full time on jobs. Many of the jobs given to the family were from Jedi, often taking them to various planets where they had duties and even transporting goods for them. During this time, Zeke's piloting skills were growing. During one trip, a bounty hunter or some sort of criminal tried to disable the ship in order to take the cargo. But before the would-be theif could act, Zeke felt a slight tingling in the back of his head and quickly manuevered his ship and somehow came down right behind their assailant and opened fire. At this time, he was taking a load of crystals and other goods used by Jedi to a base on a nearby planet. The accompanying Jedi asked Zeke how he'd managed to evade the fighter so easily and without any warning beforehand. Zeke merely shrugged saying that it just felt like he should do it, like there was some sort of 6th sense or something. The Jedi continued to watch the young man for the duration of the trip, and at their parting, told Zeke that he seemed to have talents that not even he knew about. Talents that should be realized.

Another few years passed and Zeke had taken over the business from his father, who'd become ill. He was now 24. Life was going on pretty normally, besides the recent terrorist attacks. Business was slowing down since the Jedi were now considered enemies of the Republic, which Zeke and his family had been outraged against. The last attack, though, changed everything in Zeke's life. He'd been away getting food for his family's meal that night when the strike hit, and he quickly headed home. But when he returned to their home, which was near their ship's hangar, he found it almost completely destroyed. He found his parents dead. Filled with grief, he ran for the ship, which had made it through the attack with just a little damage. The hangar was very sturdy, thanks to his father, who'd paid extra expenses for better materials. Zeke flew away in the ship and planned to never return to Coruscant, which was filled with those who hated the Jedi and had brought about all the destruction of late. He looked out the window for one last look at his home planet and saw a strange ship leaving. It looked liked a modified blockade runner, which it turned out to be. He watched it leave the planet, jump to lightspeed, and disappear. It wasn't til a few days later that he learned that the blockade runner had carried what was left of the Jedi order into exile. Though Zeke would have gladly given his services to the order, he began thinking of all the turmoil and violence in the galaxy. After quite a while, he concluded that the sources of all the violence were the Jedi order, Sith, and Republic. During his life, the three factions had never been able to cooperate and after more time adrift and more time thinking and pondering, Zeke began to resent those factions. Zeke decided to find a place with a somewhat neutral faction and decided to try is luck with the Ordo Imperialus. He'd heard rumors of the profits gained by many of the bounty hunters associated with the group and of the Ordo's power. After making his decision, Zeke set a course for the system where he'd heard that the Ordo was located.


[b]Sample Roleplay:[/b] The sample is the old one from when I wanted Zeke to work for the Jedi, but I then changed plans. I now plan on getting Zeke into the Ordo. Sorry for any confusion this may cause.

Zeke flipped a switch on one of the control panels, putting the ship on autopilot. He'd set a course for Bespin and really needed to get some shut eye. He was taking a long way to the planet so that he'd pass through an area that was seldom traveled. These were the times he wished he had a crew. He was the only man on the ship which left him very little shut eye. But that's what fate he'd been dealt and he'd have to learn to deal with it.

Zeke stretched and rubbed tired eyes as he stood up to head back to his bunk. He stopped to check a panel here and adjust a setting there. He stopped by the small security room to turn on the ship's auto turret system which would deal with any craft with an unfriendly signature. Eventually Zeke reached his room and sat down on the small cot. He ran a hand back through his short hair and let out an audible sigh. He needed to do something and soon. He was getting short on money and his last job didn't pay out as much as he had wanted. He had hoped that he could find the Jedi soon and begin working for them, but that plan hasn't yet gone according to plan. It had been a few months now since he'd left Coruscant, and he was still searching. Of course he figured that it would be difficult tracking down the Jedi exiles, but recently, he'd been feeling that weird tingling in the back of his mind more frequently. It often made him feel like he should go to this planet or turn his ship in this direction even though he had no idea where he was going. But for now, he just needed to get a couple hours of sleep and get to Bespin. There he could get a few repairs, supplies, and a good rest before looking for another job.

The young man stretched out on his bed and stared up at the ceiling for a few moments. He then looked over at the small table beside his bed where a picture of him and his parents sat. He was young in the picture, probably about 12 or 13, and he was happy then. He stared at the picture for a few more moments then turned away. Zeke knew what he had to do though. He would keep searching until he found the Jedi, then he would do what he could to get some measure of revenge on those that had killed his family. He turned over and closed his eyes, and after a few minutes, drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

[u]Updates[/u] - basically just notes for me

Age: now 32

Combat: has two, orange-bladed lightsabers excels in both Form II (Makashi) and Form V (Shien)

Zeke was a Templar in the service of Orbisis Ex Allen and his Ordo for around 5 years before the group disbanded after the disappearance of Orbisis. Zeke wandered awhile before returning to some of the former Templars to create a new faction of force-users called the Ikonoclast. Zeke developed himself and his powers further until that group also disbanded. Ever since, Zeke has led a nomadic life, furthering his knowledge of the Force in his time of solitude.

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