Ugnaught NEGAS

A Zennan

The Zennan are a race of small, piglike creatures known for their mechanical abilities, the ugnaughts are native to the planet Gentes. There, the ugnaughts grew to become strong, efficient creatures, able to withstand a great deal of discomfort. However, the planet's hostile environment forces them to move elsewhere. Many tribes of ugnaughts were also stolen and sold or leased as slaves. The ugnaughts are great storytellers, and much of their history is collected and passed on in long tales. One of the species who enslaved them were the Overne. The Government of United Earth decided not to get involved. However, a small ragtag team of soldiers freed the Zennan from slavery when they attacked the Overne. This event was known as the Great Zennan Liberation. Afterwards, the Zennan were offered to become members in the United Earth and they accepted.

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