(Zär•å' Tekh•é·låch') The Galach translation of this Enochiian word means “first seed”. This is the primordial protopod from which Petrah germinated. The seed pod of the first Crystal Chief which was the progenitor of all of the Sequoia adeptus on Equinox impacted on the Enochiian North Pole. The protopod apparently had been traveling in interstellar space until it had a close transit of Malkuth which redirected its path into the Otz Chiim system.

Zera T’chillah, the seed pod, was a conical parabaloid of a silicon dioxide-based ablative material 22 meters in diameter and 33 meters on the long axis. This ablative material surrounded thirteen seed vaults arranged in an icosahedron. In each vault was an ellipsoidal seed 1.5 meters in diameter on the long axis and one meter in diameter on the short axis.

During Zera T’chillah’s interstellar journey it had accumulated a thick mantle of dust, frozen gases and water ice. Its outward appearance would have been common to any comet traveling on the outskirts of any solar system. Prior to impact on the Enochiian North Pole, Zera T’chillah had become a potato-shaped object 320 meters in diameter on its long axis and 185 meters in diameter on its short axis.

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