Surname: Darkmune Given Name: Zeronen Known Aliases: Zero, Dark, Hunter Forge. Occupation: Soldier/ Merc Legal status: Single. Criminal record: No. Race: Mandolorian, Human Gender: Male Age: 23 Place of Birth: Coreilla Place of Residence: Thyferra Former Place(s) of Residence: Coreilla, Tattoine. Affiliation: no one, unless hired, merc after all Bounty Licence/Mark Token: No. Weapon(s): 2 Blaster pistols(DC-15s Side arm), carried at all times. DC-17m Blaster rifle wtih interchangeable sniper rifle attachment only. Vibroblade, also carried at all times. Mandalorian Saber, useful, but mainly kept on display as a momento of his Father, Hal Darkmune.

Armor: Lightweight Duraplast combat armor. (resimples Phase II ARC armor.) Backpack moddified to mount Mandolorian Saber, two pistol holdsters, one on each of the thigh armor plates.

[hr] Appearance [image]kira4.jpg[/image]

Height: 6'3" Weight: 220-225 lbs. Eye Colour: Golden-brown Hair: Dark Brown Other Features: Three small scare crossing over his left eye. Clothing: Jeans, a jacket or coat, boots, a tank top or T-shirt.

Uniform 1: Mandolorian uniform of New Blood.

Uniiform 2: (Combat armor, with out the mounted weapons.) [image]RClook.jpg[/image] (Just paint it mate-black with dark gold around the visor)

 [u]Armor specs:[/u]

Helmet-His helmet is able compensate for low or high light conditions. It can display advanced radar and motion sensor data on his HUD and coupled with the most advanced targeting and tracking equipment Runi could find. The targeting and tracking allows his link fire or single fire any one of his weapons at a given time. It can be used to scan the HoloNet. The macrobinocular feature could be magnified up to 5x and contained a high powered night vision feature. The integrated antenna and range finder are capable of both receiving and transmitting comm signals to ships in orbit as well as linking to the Holonet to send messages off planetThe range finder is capable of tracking 20 targets at a distance of 5 meters. The rangefinder feeds data to a display inside the helmet. The display also shows a 180 degree view of Zero’s surroundings. It also can be set to display ID tags over targets in his field of view to show his unit commanders or individual troops. Targeting reticules for his weapons are also displayed on his HUD.

Armor- Beneath the armor plates is a black body suit which the armor pieces can attach. The bodysuit has a gel-filled layer to regulate temperature; this layer can reactively change in density. Against Zero's skin is a moisture absorbing cloth suit, and bio-monitors that constantly adjust the suits temperature and fit. The armor’s inner structure is composed of a new reactive metal liquid crystal. This structure is amorphous, yet fractally scales and amplifies force. In short the armor doubles the wearer’s strength, and enhances the reaction speed of a normal human by a factor of 2.5.

The armor itself is composed completely of the last of Runi’s personal store of thundanium. All of it is made of heavy plates which only Zero is able to use effectively due to his large size. Because of the space used for the armor and weapons though Zero carries no personal shield of any kind. With the added strength and going off of Zero’s penchant for heavy weapons systems, Runi designed the armor based of a mini-heavy weapon concept. Either a medium sized, custom-made, heavy repeater blaster or a mini-rocket launcher can be mounted on the left shoulder of the armor. If using the repeater the ammo feed hooks up to the back attachment for power. The gun has 200 shots before it must be allowed to recharge for 30 seconds. The rocket launcher comes with 12 shots per cartridge and the back attachment can hold two spare cartridges. Another weapon, which Runi has yet to show Zero, can be swapped in as well.

All of the weapons are equipped with a single repulsor to help make it easier to carry and to stabilize it while firing. Also on the armor there is a retractable vibroblade built into the right gauntlet and at Zero’s behest a grappling hook in the left. What that is for Runi could never figure out but it isn’t his armor. Zero’s armor has three hard points for attaching modular equipment or other weapons of his choosing. There is one on each thigh, and on the right side of the back.

Back Attachment- It can also hold extra ammunition and explosive ordinance and has an air container which connects to the helmet in situations like underwater environments and vacuum. The entire suit can be pressurized against both scenarios. The back attachment is larger than standard to allow Zero to carry both reload canisters for the rocket launcher as well as any explosive ordinance that he chooses to store inside. When not carrying the added weight of the canisters, a battery can be installed on the side of it in their place to feed the repeater rifle. The back attachment also features vent along these storage areas to prevent a random explosion from killing him instantly. The attachment also contains a small repulsor to lessen the weight. The entire attachment is hooked on with magnetic clamps and can be detached in an emergency or if Zero needs to really move.

[u]Mandalorian Saber[/u] [image]Samurai_3000_Collection_Samurai_300.jpg[/image] [u] Vibro Blade:[/u] [image]Samurai_3000_Collection_Samurai_30_.jpg[/image]

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