This is one of he Fuller Manifold boson gauge fields discovered by Klaus Blumreich and Xian Dong of the Gell-Mann Institute. The gauge field resulting from the quantum interaction of three high energy leptons was first identified in 2391 CE. The ZT field produces stasis for any matter or energy located within the confines of the field. The greatest application of the ZTS technology has been on colonial transports where transit times between worlds would make the ticket prices for active passengers cost prohibitive. Passengers are placed in ZTS pods and the field is activated. The passenger experiences no time passage during the period of field activation. In short and in relativistic terms, the passenger is instantly transported from the point the ZT field is activated until the pod is opened even though the transit in shiptime could have been a year or more.

There is no theoretical limit to the size of a ZTS field array. However, the energy required to generate the field is directly proportional to the volume of the mass to be placed in stasis. The Corporate Hegemony was the largest user of the ZTS technology and employed it not only on slowboat and lightship settlement shuttles, but for freighters and other perishable cargo vehicles.

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