Welcome to the Zerogovernment mini wiki at Scratchpad!

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The Zero Government wiki is the medium through which The Zero Government Living System: ZeGLS (an Open Source Application) will be discussed, formulated, and deployed within the next decade.

Zero Government is not anarchic; zero is also a number just one that has no value, and through which all other numbers remain true to themselves.

The content of zero is not zero. zero is the metacontent. ZeGLS is like Wikipedia but for the presentfuture instead of for the presentpast.

The ZeGLS aims to be a self-regulatory system of government for a post-national world. It has no predetermined dogmas whatsoever, except one: Aim towards zero coersion and infinite happiness for all existing items in the world.

Through Direct Dynamic Decentralized Pluralistic Fractalic Democracy, dynamic sets of rules and communities of all sizes can be created to be voluntarily signed-up by users to improve their life conditions. This hitherto complex task is made possible by by the Internet and powered by the transparency and energy of Open Source Software Movement.

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