Wookiee NEGAS

A Zevaldorn

The Zevaldorn are a tall, fur-covered bipeds from Zeval, Zevaldorn are perhaps best-known known for their fierce style of fighting. Believed to be descended from tree-climbing mammalians, they lived in the trees above Zeval's carnivorous flora and fauna. They had retractable claws that they use for climbing in the trees. The females had six breasts that were used to feed their live-born litters, which were born after about a standard year's gestation. The baby Zevaldorns were nearly four feet in length at birth, and spent much of their early lives in the nursery rings of the wroshyr trees, where they learned the basic skills of interaction and survival. At the age of twenty or so, a Zevaldorn returned to live with their parents, once their education was considered complete. Shortly afterward, most Zevaldorns were required to complete a trial of adulthood, which usually required obtaining the fibers from the bulb of a syren plant. Higher education was purely voluntary, although many Zevaldorns chose to learn new skills to help their families earn additional income.

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