Rakata kotor

A Zevian

The Zevians are an ancient race of dome-headed humanoids was believed to have died out more than 30,000 years ago. Despite this fact, which predates the fall of the Iconian Empire, evidence of the Zevians has been found on planets scattered throughout the galaxy. The existence of the Zevians was pieced together during the time of the Earth-Fen Domar War, when disparate archaeological expeditions discovered amazingly similar finds. No records of Zevians civilization existed, although the physical appearance of the Zevians was unique enough to help scientists recognize that these many finds were related to the same civilization. How and why the Zevians civilization died out remains a mystery, and even their homeworld was simply referred to as the Unknown World. In stature, the Zevians were humanoid, standing on two muscular legs which were protected by a heavy talon at the back of the calf. The head of the Zevians was shaped like an upright bullet, with the mouth and eyes located at its base. The eyes were set out from the head on thick stalks, giving the Zevians a wide range of vision. The lack of any form of record of the Zevians passing through the galaxy has led xeno-archaeologists to assume that they were a conquering species who wanted their existence to remain a secret.

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