Zigby: The Teenage Years is a non-existant fanfiction of the Zigby cast in their teenage years. The storyline exchanges from 6 years after. The ages of the characters have been guessed.



Age: 16

Zigby's personality didn't really change, except he is a sport fanatic and is on the official JSA (Jungle Soccer Association) with Bertie and McMeer. Zigby is also a fan of reading comics and is somehow into making videos of him doing dangerous stunts, much to Bertie's dismay and McMeer's happiness. His appearence exists out of his mane slicked back, red sunglasses, a black t-shirt and a brown vest and ripped jeans. Though, he looks punk, he hardly is. He dates El, due to McMeer's matchmaking skills.


Age: 15

Bertie is still easily-afraid of things but now is able to slightly fly. He is into reading history books and on some occasions, being an artist. He dates Vicky as of Age 14 and seems to have always had a crush on her. He often tries to knock sense into Zigby's head when Zigby decides to pull dangerous stunts, but somehow Zigby doesn't seem to get too hurt. His appearence exists out of a small ponytail, and a lack of clothes as he is in the normal series.


Age: 15

McMeer became slightly cooler than his younger self. He follows in Zigby's footsteps and pretty much worships Zigby because he believes that someday he'll teach him to be a "Zigburai." (pun on Zigby and Samurai) McMeer became a born matchmaker and has played cupid to everyone on the island. He got Vicky to date Bertie and El to date Zigby. He doesn't have a girlfriend, but has a soft spot for Celene ever since she helped him out when he was knocked on the head in Zigby's Team. He has the same hat as earlier, and wears braces to cure his overbite. He now wears a green and white striped shirt with a dirty black jacket. He has ripped jeans, like Zigby. The hair under his hat has extended a bit and goes up to his neck. He dyed the ends red and blue.


Age: 11

Zara changed over the years. She is a crazy boy lover and found herself spending more time preparing her mane and clothes and spending less time with her cousin and best friend. She is extremely social but tends to hang out with older girls like Celene and Vicky because, like McMeer, has people to look up to. She wears a pink skirt and a yellow turtleneck with a daisy on it. Her hair hasn't changed.


Age: 10

Laurence has became smarter and has the character traits of Simba from the Lion King. He looks up to Bertie and often gets advice from him because he believes that Bertie is the main voice of reason in th jungle He is confused and upset when Zara chooses Vicky, Celene, and El over him and gets jealous of them easily. He wears a red-t shirt and black pants.


Age: 16

Celene helps out for the JSA, since she believes she'll get to pull a move on McMeer, though he doesn't notice her that much as he used to. Celene has asked McMeer out a couple of times and he says yes, but tends to forget to show up which makes Celene want to forget about him, but she still feels true love for him. She often goes to Vicky, Tink, and Zara for advice because she believes their advice is extremely useful, because it gave her the bravery to talk to McMeer indivually. She wears pink sunglasses on her head and has become more hip in appearence.


Age: 17

El remained the same after 6 years. She considers herself the happiest girl on the island since he began dating Zigby. She has become a cheerleader for the JSA, but mainly comes to cheer for Zigby, as she believes that he is the best player on the team. She wears glasses, and a blue hoodie.


Age: 18

Clem's personality changed the most. He turned from big know-it-all to the guy who loves to lead. He tries to get a clique of cool kids going on. Even though McMeer still has his not-so-bright and always-hungry personality deep down, Clem invites McMeer to join the clique with him, though McMeer always has the same answer. Not now, Clem. I'm filming Zigby! Clem has tried to hook up with the girls. He mainly has his eyes on Wink, though Wink doesn't find Clem to be too appealing to talk to. He usually sticks to impressing the gang with coke and mentos tricks and sometimes tries to outshine Zigby's stunts, though fails badly. He wears the same shirt, though it changes colors and never has the same one twice in one day.


Age: 17

Vicky is pretty much the homecoming queen of the island. She follows trends and makes a remark about someone's fashion every 9 seconds. She dates Bertie, though isn't too proud of it because she fancies Zigby a little more than Bertie. She often tries to "take Zigby away from El for a minute.". She is a cheerleader for JSA and also comes to cheer for Zigby. Her and El aren't love rivals, but get into small quarrels about who's dating who. She wears a sparkly hair clip in a long ponytail and wears a droopy-sleeved magenta shirt.


Age: 14

Wink still continues to argue with her brother and sister 24/7, though her personality has changed and she has become the most mature of the Monkeys. Like Clem, she envies Zigby's way of getting everyone's attention and makes plans with Tink and Stink to outshine him. She is part of a band with her brother and sister called Banana Rock and is their flute player, rivaling Zigby's flute. Wink is aware of Clem's feelings for her, but doesn't choose to respond to him. She still wears the same hat, but wears a matching spaghetti strap shirt and a pink hoodie around her waist. The hair under grew longer and is in a low ponytail.


Age: 14

Tink's personality hardly changed and still remains the same as she was when she was 8. She still continues to argue with Stink and is confused why Wink doesn't get involved. She is a cheerleader for the JSA and doesn't plan to go against the team in any way whatsoever. She is part of Banana Rock as well and plays a comb-and-a-tissue as Bertie does to mock and rival him. She wears the same hat and usually wears a neko or anime costume as she is into cosplay. She often has cosplay parties and invites the Island to join in, though McMeer always runs late and comes covered with leaves, which has made her like him. Her hair grew as well and is in low pigtails.


Age: 14

Stink learned to acknowledge his sisters' hatred for stinky stuff and mainly just keeps his distance from smelly things which is a sign of maturity. He isn't into love, even though McMeer has played cupid with him and tried to matchmake him with someone. He doesn't acknowledge the girls and doesn't plan to ever like them. He has the same appearence, but wears a long sleeved blue turtleneck. He has small bits of hair poking out from his hat.


  • McMeer's original appearance was the same, but with a bandana.
  • Celeen, Vicky, and El are cheerleaders for the JSA.
  • McMeer carries a video camera around with him and gets mad if anyone wants to use it for something other than wearing it, which is a reference to Zigby Loses A Hat.

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