Undesignated bounty Alec Tannis, Prisoner 56784 is complaining again, may I kill him?

IMKIV droid


IM4-389, aka 'Zip' is bounty information droid on board the mercenary ship The Scimitar.


  • Model: Mark IV Sentry Droid.
  • Age: Body=2, Personality Chip=30
  • Alignment: Dark
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon:
    • Tranquilizer Dart Gun.
  • Primary Role Player: NPC



IM4-389 was originally given to Alec two years ago when the crew aided the Foreman of the factory that built the imperial droids. Feeling it was fairly useless to them Alec let Jyot play around with it.

After a few months of tinkering Jyot turned the droid into a useful tool. He added a Tranquilizer dart gun to its underside, a wireless connection to the bounty database and fitted a vocal unit to it along with personality circuitry, Unfortunately the only personality chip he had access to was that of an old assassin droid.

The droid itself has little but contempt for all organic life and will always express these feeling. It gets on the whole crews nerves but it does serve well as it can scan a potential bounty to verify its identity and its connection to the database also allows for quick checks in finding new bounties. It earned its name ‘Zip’ from the fact it spends its time flying around the ship at top speeds.

The droid also hates the current model droid it inhabits feeling his personality should be placed in a new model assassin droid to better hunt organics. When referring to a specific person he will often call them by their bounty sheet number or if they don’t have one undesignated bounty <insert full Name>.

Personality and Traits

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