The Zlorg Union is the union formed between the CyberEmpire and the Zlorg Genetic Mutations, or ZGM. This is referred to as the TechnoUnionVector by the CyberEmpire and is a very formidable alliance. After two years of fighting in the Genetics Wars, referred to as Conflict V98147 by the CyberEmpire, the two civlizations had beaten each other very hard, but the CyberEmpire was victorious at the score of 11 to 4, in the bots' favor. The Zlorgs, however, had assaulted CyberBases on the outlines of the main Core, which resulted in 18 undecided battles. The Zlorgs committed a hit-and-run, ultimately breaking off the attack after it lasted roughly about twenty five minutes each time. This resulted in less recent technology to the front, because the main targets ended up being homebase factories which manufactured missiles, armour, and parts.

Under the two scientific minds of the creators of the civilizations, the team exchanges technologies between each other and recently the CyberEmpire distributed the V10 BioSuit armour which was formerly used by BioX units. Currently, the Empire is also researching NanoChips, a microchip that enhances the strength and production of white blood cells.

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