Zodiac is the term used for any of the six divisions of Chä: Magnus, Vitue, Sin, Bless, Emotion, and Mechanical. As an interesting side-note, when all Chäotics of a certain Zodiac come together, they can combine to form the living embodiment of that Zodiac. Below is information on these embodiments or "Harbingers":


Magnus is the name of the Harbinger of the Magnus Zodiac. He appears as a white and black Toa wearing a great Hau. His personality radites power and leadership, both of which he has. Magnus' has power over Time, Space, Energy, and Mind.


Xiox is the name of the Harbinger of the Virtue Zodiac. He appears as a golden light, and has no physical body. No one has ever heard him speak and his actions only seem to say that he regards vice and sin with contempt. Xiox has control over Courage, Prudence, Justice, and Temperance.




Point Zero

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