Zoe Drake is a member of the D Team appearing in Dinosaur King. She has pink hair in pigtails, sunglasses double up as a camera and purple eyes. She wears a bare-midriff, short sleeved, black shirt with an unbuttoned, yellow-and-red vest over it. Her shirt was cut, revealing her belly button. She also wears shorts that match her vest, with thigh-length, black socks and green-and-yellow sneakers.

Bth Dinosaur King Zoe Drake omga9ge zpsd0b03186


  • Luci Drake (Mother)
  • Peter Drake (Father)
  • Reese Drake (Older Sister)


  • Hanging out with Jimmy.
  • Playing acts.
  • Doing clown skills.


  • Bees.
  • Being a spoiled brat.
  • Being bossed around.

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