Zoe O'Chapel is the Fifth River she is born in 1982 after her death went fighting the Mels Boys she is born in the town of Kingsbridge where she spends most of her life.


Zoe O'Chapel is placed in care but still lives in Kingsbridge she spends most of her childhood here to see becomes 18 where she joins the army for a new start.


Zoe spends much time in the army going up ranks after her amazing skills in fighting and combat she is known as one of the best fighter in her team. Two members of the group who become Rivers are Tommy Jones and [[Gary ]Manson]] over the years they grow close and Tommy dates Zoe.


In Iraq Zoe along with her team are attacked in the fight all 30 of her troops are killed. The only people to live are herself Tommy and Gary after this they plan to quit the army and spend time to travel with Zoe as she plans to head back to try and find the Rivers. Doing research she finds that Steph Colledge and Jane Fairbanks are not dead and could still live in Melbourne however they find no clues of where they have gone apart from the story of Steph Colledge going to work in London with a group known as Area 3 At this time Gary and Tommy part ways with Zoe as she goes on to follow the stories.

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