• Narrator: From Grandma70, It's Adventure
  • Alvin: We've Not A Moment To Lose
  • Narattor: It's Excitement
  • Zoe: Alvin! Look Out!
  • Narrator: And It's Coming Your Way!
  • (Alvin Screams)
  • Narrator: It's The Great Chipmuck Detective!
  • Alvin: Smile Everyone
  • Narrator: She's Alvin
  • Phienas: Amazing.
  • Narrator: And She's Teaming Up With Paris
  • (Arbok Screams)
  • Narrator: Phienas, and Little Zoe Drake
  • (Zoe Bites a Hand and Captain Hook Screams)
  • Narrator: To Take On Captain Hook, The World's Biggest Pirate
  • Captain Hook: What Did You Call Me?
  • Alvin: You're A Slimy Contemptable Sewer pirate!
  • (Captain Hook Screams)
  • Narrator: You're Invited To Join The Fun,
  • (Crowd Boos at Simon and Theorde)
  • Narrator: With Grandma70's Classic, The Great Chipmuck Detective
  • (Cymbal Bangs Alvin)


  • Narrator: From Grandma70 Productions, it's adventure. It's excitement! and it's coming soon on YouTube!
  • Zoe Drake stars in Grandma70's classic, The Great Alvin Detective! She's unravling an incredible mystery.
  • Alvin: Aha!
  • Narrator: And she's teaming up with the loveable Paris, Pheinas Flynn, her assistant, and little Zoe Drake. Together they take on captain hook, the World's Biggest Pirate who's up to no good.
  • (Captain Hook screams)
  • Narrator: You're invited to join in the fun of Grandma70's classic, Zoe, The Great Alvin Detective! Coming Soon to Youtube.
  • (Cymbal bangs Alvin)

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