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While compared to the other two major brands of anti-zombie dachshunds Zombie's Choice is the least popular, it should be noted that it has perhaps the most devoted user base. This arises out of the fact that Zombie's Choice dogs perform as advertised and are reasonably priced. In fact, an independent study found that Zombie's Choice brand dachshunds provide the greatest cost to benefit ratio of any of the anti-zombie dachshunds.

Zombie's Choice Philosophy

Zombie's Choice has always operated under the philosophy that the best anti-zombie dachshund is the one that tastes the best. As such, while other brands focus on intelligence or stamina, Zombie's Choice focuses on dogs that combine just the right amount of speed (not too fast), agility (not to agile), intelligence (not very bright) and flavor (purportedly hickory smoked) that present the ideal zombie bait.

Whereas a Hell Hounds or Doxie Tech dog represents a sizable financial investment, Zombie's Choice dogs are meant to be disposable to an extant (for example one normally purchases individual dogs from the other companies; Zombie's Choice dogs, on the other hand, come in six or twelve packs).


Even after the cataclysmic events of the First Outbreak and subsequent discovery of the zombie's penchant for dachshund, there remains a small, vocal contingent of animals rights advocates that frown on the use of dachshunds as anti-zombie measures. These individuals frequently protest and vilify all three of anti-zombie dog corporations, but especially Zombie's Choice. These protesters point out, perhaps rightly so, that at least dogs from the other two companies are bred to stand a chance of surviving deployment, whereas Zombie's Choice dogs are specifically bred to become so much zombie chow. During consumer surveys, this reason is often given by customers as the reason why they choose not to purchase dogs from Zombie's Choice.

In response to these criticisms, Zombie' Choice recently announced that they will be soon offering smarter dogs alongside their current models.

Recent Press

A recent Consumer Reports double-blind survey found that, in fact, zombies do prefer Zombie's Choice dogs over those of the competition.

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