Zombie Apocalypse is an American animated television series created by Mordecai Lopez. The series will begin on May 21, 2011. This series is rated TV-14. 2 seasons have been ordered making up Part I and Part II.


The series follows Robert, a 27-year old man, his friend Daniel and his girlfriend Jenni. They face a Zombie Apocalypse in the year 2011 on May 21st. After they must find the leader of the Zombies named Zombert whose whereabouts are unknown. They must face dead bodies, live zombies, blood and gore.


Robert Johnson - He is a 27-year old man who decides to find the leader after killing his sister, Jill.

Daniel Daniels - He is a 27-year old man who is very wimpy and hesitates at the attempt to join Robert.

Jenni Lee - She is a 22-year old girl who loves Robert.


24 episodes have been ordered to make up for Parts I and II. Mordecai plans for Episode 24 to be the series finale.

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