Narrator: One Day, Zommer and his Mom Went to a DVD Store, and Zommer Saw and 2012 Arthur Christmas DVD then it Happened....

Zommer: Wow! Look at THAT!! can i Have That 2012 Arthur Christmas DVD Please?

Mom: No Zommer, You Have many DVDs At Home.


2012 ARTHUR CHRISTMAS DVD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom: That's It Zommer! You Are Going to Harsh Judgement NOW!!!

Zommer: NO WAY!!

Narrator: Zommer is in Harsh Judgement.

Zommer: It's too Late to Get that 2012 Arthur Christmas DVD (sniffles)

(Poppet Shows up)

Poppet: What's Wrong Zommer?

Zommer: i Want that 2012 Arthur Christmas DVD!

Furi: You Stupid Zommer!!

(Characters from Tangled, Hotel Transylvania, Brave, Justice League, Harry Potter and Darkwing Duck Prepare to Attack Zommer)

Dracula: GO!

Zommer: (Being Tackled) NO NO NO NOOO!!!!

(Zommer went? home)

Poppet: Here you Go Zommer!

Zommer: Wow!? an 2012 Arthur Christmas DVD! Thanks, Poppet!

(Zommer and Poppet watch an 2012 Arthur Christmas DVD)

The End

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