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Zoining for Common Sense


We wish to create zoning guidelines that make sense. Common Sense as Thomas Paine would have conceived it.


At present we have a draft document that has been created by the standard due process. Initial public reaction, while respecful, has been strongly indicative that the draft is problematic, We have heard that the draft is long, complex, and it is not user-friendly. We wish to create a document that is streamlined and yet specific enough so that clear guidelines are created to allow a fair and consistent administration over the course of several Review Boards. The Hobson's choice is to be both streamlined and detailed.

Ultimately, the zoning should be administered fairly by laws, not discretionarily by people.


We will post links to the document that we have currently developed and use it to solicit comments that would resolve the problems stated above.

Joseph Cincotta

--Jcincotta 00:15, 17 December 2007 (UTC)

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