Zoonah Club

The Zoonah club was created on September 3, 2006. It is another section of the zoonah website which can be accessed by getting a code by signing up for the club.

The Keypad

To access the Zoonah Club, a password must be entered into the keypad you see left. if the password is typed in correctly, then you are admitted to the site, if it is typed in wrongly, you are not allowed in.

You can also access help topics by clicking the # button.

When an invalid button is pushed, the keypad turns red. when a correct digit is entered, it turns green and when a correct digit is typed and it turns blue, it does nto allow you into the site but indicated another function of the keypad.


Zoonah Chronicles

Main article: zoonah chronicles

Each part of the Zoonah chronicles is published to this page a month before it is published to the main site.

Meowsie Multiplex

Meowsie Multiplex has short stories based on movie in Meowsie. There are currently none up, btu accroding to the advertisement on the page, STALKER is coming this december.

Ask Leroy

And advice page, although since Leroy is giving an advice, there is a notice saying not to listen to her.

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