• Benjamin Clawhauser as Jeff
  • Fabienne Growley as Naomi
  • Yax as Achilles
  • Nick Wilde as Danny
  • Judy Hopps as Gladys
  • Mr. Otterton as Martin
  • Mrs. Otterton as Zoe
  • Ralph (from Wreck-It Ralph) as Old Oak
  • Felix (from Wreck-It Ralph) as Titan
  • Dawn Weaselton as Ratasha
  • Duke Weaselton as Rascal
  • Onçardo Boi Chá as Jack
  • Stephanie Stalkinew as Jenny
  • Dr. Honey Badger as Maggie
  • Mayor Lionheart as Boris
  • Quilda as Sophia
  • Officer McHorn as Roger
  • Officer Pennington as Margery
  • Sharla as Lily
  • Mr. Wilde as Joe
  • Mrs. Wilde as Mrs. Fox
  • Finnick as Didooo
  • Stu Hopps as Billy
  • Bonnie Hopps as Milly
  • Flash as Jimmy
  • Priscilla as Rose
  • Mrs. Weaselton as Mrs. Raspy
  • Mr. Weaselton as Mr. Raspy
  • Gazelle as Tanja
  • Gideon Grey as Leon
  • Travis as Basher

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