• Nick Wilde as TJ Detweiler
  • Judy Hopps as Ashley Spinelli
  • Yax as Vince LaSalle
  • Gazelle as Gretchen Grundler
  • Benjamin Clawhauser as Mikey Blumberg
  • Finnick as Gus Griswald
  • Cotton as Cornchip Girl
  • Officer McHorn as Francis the Hustler Kid
  • Gary as Menlo
  • Larry as Knarf
  • Gideon Grey as Gordy
  • Bucky-Oryx Antlerson as Dave Digger
  • Pronk-Oryx Antlerson as Sam Digger
  • Duke Weaselton as Randall J. Weems
  • Raymond as King Bob
  • Koslov as Jerome
  • Kevin as Jordan
  • Major Friedkin as Miss Finster
  • Officer Snarlov as Dr. Benedict
  • Mayor Lionheart as Mayor Fitzhugh
  • Chief Bogo as Principal Prickly
  • Dr. Honey Badger as Miss Gotke
  • Peter Moosebridge as Hank
  • as Superintendent Skinner
  • George Garbage as Aaron
  • as Mr. E
  • as Mr. Dude
  • as Colonel Griswald
  • Mr. Weaselton as Leonard Weems
  • Bonnie Hopps as Mrs. Spinelli
  • Stu Hopps as Mr. Spinelli

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