• Nick Wilde as Toulouse
  • Judy Hopps as Marie
  • Finnick as Berlioz
  • Bonnie Hopps as Duchess
  • Stu Hopps as Thomas O'Malley
  • Priscilla as Madame Adelaide
  • Flash as Georges Hautecourt
  • Raymond as Edgar Balthazer
  • Gazelle as Frou-Frou
  • Mr. Big as Roquefort
  • Bucky-Oryx Antlerson as Napoleon
  • Pronk-Oryx Antlerson as Lafayette
  • Marvin as Dennis the Rat
  • Mouse Foreman as Morter the Frog
  • Fabienne Growley as Abigail Gabble
  • Stephanie Stalkinew as Amelia Gabble
  • Mayor Lionheart as Uncle Waldo
  • Peter Moosebridge as Le Petit Cafe Cook
  • Chief Bogo as Milkman
  • Zootopia Police Officers as Truck Movers
  • Benjamin Clawhauser as Scat Cat
  • Larry as Shun Gon
  • Gary as Hit Cat
  • Barry DiCaprio as Peppo
  • Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. as Billy Boss

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