• Nick Wilde as Max
  • Judy Hopps as Gidget
  • Finnick as Duke
  • Benjamin Clawhauser as Reginald
  • Fabienne Growley as Chloe
  • Flash as Fred
  • Priscilla as Katie's Grandma
  • Peter Moosebridge as Buddy
  • Panda News Anchor as Leonard
  • Michael Tanuyama as Boston Terrier
  • Onçardo Boi Chá as Golden Retriever
  • David Koalabell as Shetland Sheepdog
  • Marvin as Sweetpea
  • Duke Weaselton as Snowball
  • Travis as Tattoo
  • Gideon Grey as Dragon
  • Koslov as Derick
  • Woolter as Nitro
  • Jesse as Ozone
  • Junior Rangers as Alley Cats
  • Fru Fru as Molly
  • Mr. Big as Norman's Owner

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