General Information

Race: Zor Faction: Zor Hegemony Body Structure: Bipedal, Avian, 6 limbs Average Height: 1.3-1.6 meters Average weight: 35-65 kilos Average Age: 300 years Arms: 2 Hands: taloned, 4 fingers, opposable thumb Legs: 2, reverse knee joints, ending in tri-taloned feet Wings: 2, on shoulder blades, span 2.5-4 meters, function without mechanical aid in environments with .65g (standard) or less Facial Features: , eyes with nictitating lids Feathers:Large flight feathers covering wings, with smaller, downy feathers over their chest, legs, and arms, a combination of the two around the head. dark shades of green on the males, Rainbow colors of many shades on females Genders :alpha, beta, and gamma male, female

Social Heirarchy

Predominantly Communal in nature, the society of the Zor is united under a single religion. It has no name, as there is no need to distinguish it from others, but is the following of the almighty creato esLi, aligned against esGau'u the destroyer. Below that, there is a High priest with a direct link to esLi, and uses this dream link to guide the council of the eleven priests of the eleven nests, as well as the Speaker for the Young Ones to their decisions. He holds the most power, but any priest can negate him as long as he is not speaking from the holy dreams.

Each priest has a High Lord who serves their order through the nests' Wings, as the leader of the forces for that nest. These are the ones who lead assaults. Below these are the Lords, who control the defense forces for a single planet.


Save for the Priests and the Speaker, who each have an aide, all Zor are perfectly equal, no matter the task. All space is shared, there are many communal gardens, kept by those interested in them, full of flora both exotic and mundane, as well as many perches and stone benches for Zor'en to linger. There is always a torus in the very center of these circular gardens, dedicated to prayer and meditation. Child raising is a full community activity. When a Zor'en is born, it is taken to a Hatchery, where it grows with others of the same age, learning about the universe around it from wisened teachers, and becomes part of the society there, before it can even fly. They learn that the Hegemony is greater than any one Zor'en, no matter how important.


The Zor have taken the natrual beauty of their world, and turned it into an art. The monumental natural wind chimes have inspired the People to create pipe flutes, organs, and other wind and percussion instruments to mimic the eerie melodies of the Winds. Often times, they will set up empty caverns to harness the wind rushing through it, via different contraptions, to create its own orchestra.


(edit to fit current data) The Great Rift (600-570 CE)

The only known conflict where Zor fought Zor. But they were not our brethren. They chose a flight that led away from esLi's enlightening Word, and towards their ultimate destruction. They named themselves the Idju.They denounced the theachings of esLi, calling them nonsense. Oh, how wrong they were.

In the early years, they took hold of the few planets the Zor contorolled outside of Yen and waged war or the Eleven Nests using these four lightly populated planets as their base. The loyal Zor'a'i on the backwater plantes were massacred, not one believer of esLi left alive. The Nests were enraged at such an act of heresy, and brought every Wing to bear against the Idju.

But our militaries were weak, our supplies had been going into colonization while the Idju built a fleet.Despite their numbers against our weakened navy, we fought and took, their first outpost, and pushed on to the second before they could stop the Nests' Crusades. Their Lords wizened as the war went on. They learned from their ghastly mistakes and improved their strategies enought to hold our meager forces at bay. The war grinded to a halt. Without Guidance from esLi, the priests were helpless.esLi was punishing us for letting ourselves become weak.

In 576 CE, Rreka'al HeYen created a bridge between himself and the Great Creator Himself, esLi by proving that he was worthy of His notice by ways unknown. When the other Priests found out, they eagerly listened for guidance. Rreka'al was more than happy to give it to them.

In 571 CE, the heretic leader, Ja'ur, led a campaign against the home world itself. Rreka'al had been told this before Ja'ur had even come in-system, and rallied the Nests to defend his own, Yen. Seeing their need, the other Priests sent their Wings to defend the noble Zor'a'i from the esGau'uYal en route to destroy them. The Idju were outmatched, their warriors were quashed under our feet in days.

Under Rreka'al's orders, the heretics, the ones that called themselves Idju, were scoured from the universe by 570 CE. There was no quarter, no surrender. We showed as much mercy as their kind deserved, as much as they showed to all of the Zor'a'i that had fallen by their heretic talons.

The Great Uniting (576-568 CE)

The Great Uniting brought an end to the War of Separation. The Eleven separate Nests were brought together under the wings of the Priest of Nest HeYen. In a few short years, the Wings of the Nests annihilated the Idju.

The final battle of the war was named after the god it was fought for. The battle for esLi was the second biggest conflict of the entire war. The Idju brought 20 ships of various sizes into it, while the Nests committed 47. the Idju commander, using a short-lived tactic in the Zor Hegemony, held back an additional 34 ships as a reserve. Ja'ur was forced to use every resource possible to amass a fleet to match the Nests own. After his original fleet was all but destroyed, he sent his reserves into the middle of the combat zone. The Nests were outnumbered, but came out victorious in the end. The survivors chased down and destroyed the retreating Idju, leaving none alive.

After Rreka'al's masterful piloting and strategy, the Eleven Nests all bowed down to him as the Chosen of esLi. Once this was deicded, he changed the strengths of some of the People. In 569 CE, he gave the Priests power over the High Lords, instead of the reverse, giving the Priests of esLi more prominance. This was also the time that Nest HeYen offically became the High Nest. 33% of each of the Eleven Wings joined the High Wing, which was entrusted with the protection of the entire Zor race, including the Eleven Home Stars and the L'le. The High Wing was always burdened with the job of destroying the enemies of esLi.

By 568 CE, the Code of Honor was instilled along with the ideas of Inner and Outer Peace, and were upheld by all of the People.

First Contact (1200 GE)

The second sixtyfourth patrol of the High Wing entered the Dante system, inhabited and protected by servants of esGau'u who call themselves the Xanthar. They resemble the Ch'thle of Zor'a in appearance, but are bipedal and decently advanced.


Ships - Most Zor'en ships employ a liquid-metal shielding technology unique to the Hegemony. It consists of a ferrous metal alloy that, in its natural state is a liquid, but when compressed solidifies. This shield, controlled my magnetic fields replaces most of the hull of the ships, what is under it only to keep the atmosphere inside, and ornamental purposes. Instead of metal hulls, the ships use A lightweight, sturdy, but flexible rock, found only on two planets in the Zor'en home systems.


Zealot- Soldier class, they make up a large portion of the wings. Known for their fanatical devotion to esLi in all things physical.

Seer- Explorer class, they are of a rarer breed than the Zealot. Known for the innate ability to adapt to their current surroundings, wherever they may be.

Vessel- Pilot class, they require a close bond with esLi to control a ship of the People, which is gained from a higher level of meditation.

Creator- Engineer class, they are required to learn the ways of Creation, in order to repair their ship. Known for manipulation of the alloy all of the ships of the People are Created from.

Cognizant- Diplomat class, they are the only of the People allowed to study the enemy, in order to deal with them efficiently in the world of politics.

Held Territory

Home System- Eldar'nathi consists of eleven planets, all densly populated, varying slightly from a low g rocky planet. Seven of the planets all happened to be suitable for the Zor without work, giving the Zor a nice target to start their expansion. The other four required a few alterations to become inhabitable by the species.

Home Planet- Zor'a, gravity is .38g, the terrain varies from open rocky to dense, forested mountainous areas. the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen with methane and other gases, making it look orange. The weather is mild, with little precipitation, forcing the Zor'en to conserve water whenever possible. Wind, however, is much stronger than on Earth. It has rather predictable air currents in the higher levels of the area, shaped by the tallest of the outcroppings and mountains. This wind finds its way into every nook and cranny of the world, the only exception being the forests, the foilage serving as a windbreaker. The wind passing through the rocks oftens creates eerie melodies that the Zor'en people have adapted into a style of music.

Current Territory- Eleven Systems including Eldar'nathi, and several colonies dispersed in neighboring systems. Each of the eleven systems is controlled by one of the eleven nests. These systems border the Antares Rift, a stretch of virtually empty space separating the Zor Hegemoney and all other races. It's about 20 parsecs across. The Eleven systems are: Eldar'nathi (Yen),U'ur, Chra, Antarok,Hsera, Iend'al, Gernion, kent'en,

Factions Within the Race

Since the Great Rift, the civil war within the races, where the followers of esLi (Honourable God) led by Rreka'al banished the followers of enGau'u (dishonourable demon) to outside the realm of the Hegemony. This faction that favored dark matter becaome nomads, living their entire lives in large class ships, waiting for a chance to take revenge, but, as of yet, have honoured the banishment from the "promised lands" (the eleven systems of the eleven planets representing the eleven divine winds that are more powerful in the religion than either esLi or enGau'u). There is a third faction, who prizes balance above all else. They take the merits from both religious icons, to form the big picture. When the war broke out, this entire faction up and left, on the Path to Enshranui (enlightenment). The zor'en who follow this Path are very secretive, and have become the stuff of legend. They are said to have technology beyond that of any other race, but this has never been proven. Although there have been several documented sightings of ships of the style of the faction's members appearing and disappearing in space.


The Zor'en alphabet consists of thirty-three characters, eleven greater characters, and twenty-two lesser. The language, instead of being linear, starts in the center of the medium, and continues out in a counterclockwise spiral. One of the eleven is generaly used to start a sentence or word, with the accompanying lesser characters on the border, to augment its meaning. Punctuation are very simple marks on the edge of the characters, as well as turning a phrase negative. The mathematic system is base eleven, with a seperate glyph for each number.


  • The war was fought over both technologies, anti-matter versus dark matter, as well as for religious purposes (esLi versus enGau'u)
  • When a fledgling is born, they are bestowed a name through a ceremony where a () judges the resonant frequencies of their body and converts this to swirls, waves, slashes, and the like, forming a personalized glyph for that Zor.

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