Part 1

Adult Kiara/Dr. Lucy: Alright, Sheriff. You can do it! Push now! (to the staff) Have we got a good reading on the E.F.M?

Sailor Moon/Didi: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Sailor Moon's Nightmare Starts from Arthur's Teacher Trouble Of Her as Jewel from Rio and Horton as The Guy That Says You're In Ancient Rome So Then When She Travels With Horton And Jewel Flies With Her Wings She Goes Inside With Him To The Castle And Horton Leaves The Castle Jewel Said I Guess I Will Be Alive After All But Suddenly The Outlanders And Zira Surrounded Her And Attacks Jewel And Sailor Moon's Nightmare Ends

Adult Kiara/Dr. Lucy: Here it comes.

Sailor Moon/Didi: Gorgeous!

Tuxedo Mask/Stu: Woody, he's so beautiful. She's... she's a girl.

Sailor Moon/Didi: Hello, my wonderful, sister girl. (Zowie moaning)

Tuxedo Mask/Stu: Well, I guess we won't be naming him after my sheriff.

Sailor Moon/Didi: He doesn't look much like a Sailor Venus. What about my cousin Zoe?

Tuxedo Mask/Stu: Zowie Polie.

Adult Kiara/Dr. Lucy: Zowie Polie.

Tuxedo Mask/Stu: Yeah, I like it.

Scar take her Polie Anna into Sailor Moon's room, after your placed next to Zurg, Polie Anna gave have a coin.

Scar/Grandpa Lou: Here you go, mister.

Sailor Moon/Didi: Anna, I want you to meet someone very special. This is your sister, Zoe. Zowie, this is Anna.

Polie Anna/Tommy: Sister...

Sailor Moon/Didi: (to Tuxedo Mask) See, they already love each other.

Then Zowie hiccups will starts to tweaks her Polie Anna's nose.

Polie Anna/Tommy: Aaaaaaaaaaaahh!!

And finally...

Polie Anna/Tommy, Zowie/Dil: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

John Smith/Betty: Well, that's a start.

Meanwhile, back to the Polie Anna's house by exterior. Caption: "Four Weeks Later...", a gong sounds. We cut to the kitchen, where Buzz and Woody our morning clothes. Unfortunaly, Woody was sleeping by the kitchen sink, among the suds, but Zowie cries restly.

Buzz Lightyear/Stu: Woody, what are we gonna do? She hasn't stopped crying since we brought a home!

At that moment, the pan on playpen. However, she was heard Zowie's loud crying.

Billy/Phil: Somehow it's not as much fun around here anymore!

Mike/Chuckie: Yeah, what is your brother so sad about?

Polie Anna/Tommy: I don't know. But whatever it is, it must be really bad.

Olie/Lil: Maybe he's broked.

Polie Anna/Tommy: What?

Billy/Phil, Olie/Lil: BROKED!

Polia Anna/Tommy: Broked? (Buzz, Woody and a still crying Zowie walk by.) She's not broked, she's a...just a little loud.

Zazu/Angelica: Whoa, that sister's getting on my nerves!

Zazu going over to room will slams door. Scar was sleeping on the chair. Zazu changes a channel, sees a commercial. Caption: "Coming Soon...", then watch a TV show.


Scar/Grandpa Lou: It's enough of a circus around here already!

Part 2

Woody/Didi: And then the wizard looked down at the little girl and said: "Your wish has been granted!". And the little girl looked...

Then Zowie starts crying again.

Buzz Lightyear/Stu: Woody! Help!

Woody/Didi: I'll be back, sweetie.

Buzz Lightyear/Stu: All I did was cough, Woody. I tried not to, but I had a feeling in my throat. And then I coughed, and now he's crying! (Zowie hiccups.) And now he's got the hiccups!!

And finally, Buzz wails.

Woody/Didi: Oh, Buzz. (places a baby binkie in Buzz's mouth) Buzz, why don't you sing Zowie a lullaby?

Buzz Lightyear/Stu: I am too tired to sing.

Woody/Didi: All right, I'll make something up.

Buzz Lightyear/Stu: Good.

Part 3

Fade in, Zowie was heard crying again. Just then, Scar finds them playing with a peanuts instead of shipped by Japan.

Scar/Grandpa Lou: Hey, dude, crate's no place for you to play. You wouldn't want to get shipped to Japan with Banzai, now would you? (He picks up the crate and moves it goes in the room.) I better put this where I can keep an eye on it.

Mike/Chuckie: Zowie, that's Anna's blanket.

Polie Anna/Tommy: Yeah, it used to sleep with me before we even got you!

Zowie/Dil: My blankie!

Mike/Chuckie: He's not very nice.

Olie/Lil: That's not how you get things from a brother, Anna.

Polie Anna/Tommy: It's not?

Olie/Lil: It is not. Here, watch.

Billy/Phil: Hey, that's my Banzai's toy, Olie!

Olie/Lil: Is not Billy!

Billy/Phil: Is too, Olie!

Olie/Lil: Is not!

Billy/Phil: Is too!

Olie/Lil: Is not! See, Anna, now you try it.

Polie Anna/Tommy: Every time I can't believe it! Every single time... Give me that stupid toy!

Zowie/Dil: No! Teddy mine!

Polie Anna/Tommy: Mine!

Zowie/Dil: Mine!

Polie Anna/Tommy: Mine!

Zowie/Dil: Mine!

Polie Anna/Tommy: Mine!

Zowie/Dil: Mine!

Billy/Phil: Stop acting like Kirby from The Brave Little Toaster!

Olie/Lil: Yeah.

Buzz Lightyear/Stu: Hurry, Scar, they'll be here to pick it up any minute.

Zazu and Mufasa come over.

Zazu/Angelica: Mufasa, why can't I watch Sherlock Holmes at our house? I'll never be able to hear it with that new baby squeaking the whole time!

Mufasa/Drew: Now, sweetheart, Buzz's got to put in a little overtime today, so that cowboy won't be so banished of his quarterly earnings.

Zazu/Angelica: Hi, Buzz, sorry to hear your pony is so slow.

Buzz Lightyear/Stu: Uh, we don't have a pony Zazu.

Zazu/Angelica: (to Mufasa) The now come you told sheriff Woody got sadded with the loser.

Buzz Lightyear/Stu: Loser?

Mufasa/Drew: He...he... I...

Zowie's crying at the sound.

Buzz Lightyear/Stu: Excuse me, bro. My tax deductions are CRYING!

Buzz slams the door.

Mufasa/Drew: You can't deduct them if you don't have any income!

Mufasa slams the door.

Part 4

Olie/Lil: All he cares about now is sister Zowie!

Mike/Chuckie: Yeah, well, somebody has to. Don't they?

Back at the hollow tree, the tucker his Polie Anna watches, because is the storm was frighten him, then Zowie was heard crying. Going over to the Zowie was still crying and lullaby next to him, will calming down.

Polie Anna/Tommy: (singing) Sister, please! Rest your head?

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