Zuma is a female chocolate Labrador that loves three things swimming, getting wet and Rubble. She is the beloved mate to Rubble and mother to 3 children Zumalini, Zumi & Zoey. She can also sing the famous songs from almost any singer.


28 years old (Physically), 34 years old (Actual)

Favorite Songs:

  • Just Give Me A Reason (Pink with Nate Ruess)
  • Fire Breather (Laurel)
  • What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)
  • Love Story (Taylor Swift)
  • When You're Gone (Avril Lavigne)

Turn Ons:

Hanging out with her friends, Rubble, Zumalini, Zumi, Zoey, William X, Water, Getting wet, Surfing, Pokemon, Animals, Singing, Kissing Rubble, Having her tongue dance with Rubble's tongue inside and outside of each other's mouths, Water skiing, Taking baths, Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Shadow, Knuckles, Klonoa Prower, Kuronoa Prower, Sting, Maya, Willy, Mega Man, Sticks, Cheer Bear, Champ Bear, Billy Hatcher, Tommy Pickles, Kimi Pickles, Kimi Finster-X

Turn Offs:

Kimi Finster-X crying

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